WEEKEND ALERT! Finally, we made it. This week has felt loooooong. Maybe it was the abominable snowstorm we got to kick it all off – ha! Hoping this one is less cold, more chill. Get it? HA. Got any at-home plans for the Superbowl? Happy Weekend Reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 64- on Coming Up Roses

  1. LOL @ these photos of cats as other animals
  2. Ashley’s easy buffalo chicken chili recipe is next on my list to try!
  3. I’ve been testing this drugstore tinted hydrator…it’s not even 5 bucks and is a dupe to Tarte’s $29 one that I lovelovelove!!!
  4. Consider stocking up on Girl Scout cookies from this NYC troop compromised of homeless scouts!
  5. What a beautiful DIY: a beautiful bouquet of felt flowers for Valentine’s Day!
  6. TREAT YO’SELF for V-Day with reader Pamela’s brownies – she just started her Etsy shop and they’re the best brownies EVER.
  7. Booking this dreamy Colorado AirBnB ASAP…who’s coming with me?
  8. Here are 5 ways to feel more relaxed
  9. My Valentine to me: the famous Lulu Align Tank. Apparently makes your boobs look GREAT. LOL.
  10. Making these bacon cheddar ranch pinwheels for the Superbowl!
  11. A round of applause for Blair’s extremely clever parenting hacks
  12. I’ve been testing Tula’s new toning pads for a few weeks now – they’re FABULOUS. Code COMINGUPROSES for 15% off!
  13. Heartwarming story – a Chicago cafe owner buying vendor’s tamales to feed the homeless
  14. Here’s what drinking 64 ounces of water a day can look like (+ what it can do!)
  15. Have you gotten your hands on the TikTok-viral drugstore mascara yet??

Happy weekend reading!