It’s Jamie’s birthday weekend! Really, his birthday was this past week – but we like to celebrate each other with little weekend festivities. Last night we do a little romantic evening dinner at a new-to-us restaurant; today we’ve got some adventure ahead at an indoor trampoline park and Liv’s first Toy Story screening (it was J’s favorite Pixar movie as a kid!), and tomorrow we’ve got brunch with my parents at a new favorite local spot. What’s on your calendar?

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 105 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. If you need background music while working – 4 hours of Disney songs on the piano will do the trick!
  2. 10 easy habits (that work) to help you spend less time on social media
  3. For a V-Day treat – reader Pamela just started selling her famous brownies on Etsy! OUR FAVE.
  4. Why short-term goals are where it’s at – couldn’t agree more!
  5. 10 gift ideas for new moms. As a mom, I second these!
  6. Equilibria JUST launched a BODY BOX with their bestselling topical CBD favorites – get 15% off with ericaligenza
  7. YUM: white chicken chili with rave reviews!
  8. What ADHD looks like in one ambitious 31-year-old woman – #relatable
  9. My devotional is back in stock! I get Q’s on it every time I share it – it’s my favorite!
  10. How the Bridgerton producer gets it all done
  11. This piano paint job is STUNNING – I am shooketh.
  12. Great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for her, for him, AND for littles!
  13. Missing novelty in your life? Here’s how to get it back.
  14. This comfort meal looks SO DELISH – and so easy!
  15. In my cart: “Out of Office” sweatshirt (15% off with code COMINGUPROSES)

Happy weekend reading!

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