Cheers to the freaking weekend. 🙂 After being away the past few weekends in a row, I pray to the sweet Lord baby Jesus that this one is a CHILL one, preferably at home, preferably doing nothing. Actually I kid – I’ve got a laundry list of chores + to-do’s that I’d lovelovelove to knock out around the house. So, let us amend that prayer to include successful chore-doing. Amen. 😉 What’s your weekend gameplan? Happy Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 77 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. The 1st female sailor successfully completed the Navy’s special warfare training. BOSS!
  2. The 1st African American contestant won the National Spelling Bee! What a rockstar!
  3. This has been the best selling NSALE item from the CURowd so far…(I approve!)
  4. Thoughts on a 4-day workweek? (Bless up!)
  5. A sweat-proof summer makeup routine from my friend Meg!
  6. Fun summer hairstyles for short hair from my friend Elly!
  7. THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Living Proof just launched an *advanced* dry shampoo!!! (I ordered!)
  8. 10 high school students built a wheelchair-stroller for a disabled parent! Amazing!
  9. YUMMERS: Easy strawberry jello poke cake
  10. My favorite dupe ever: this $30 blanket that looks + feels EXACTLY like the $120+ Barefoot Dreams!!!
  11. Whoa! You can create Instagram Stories DRAFTS now!
  12. Here are 20+ Save vs. Splurge options to get the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale look for less!
  13. This week only: Get a $25 Verb starter kit (whatever flavor ya want!) for only $10 AND get 4 free samples!
  14. A 5-minute practice to help reset throughout the day
  15. For the Louis Vuitton Neverfull look for less, this tote is under $50 (versus $1500) and is SO GOOD.

Happy weekend reading!