Happy weekend, friends. It’s September 11th – and today marks the 20th anniversary of the day so many lives were forever changed. My heart goes out to all military families today especially, to all first responders and their families, and to any/all whose own life trajectory, story, and journey took on new meaning when the Twin Towers fell twenty years ago today. 

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 134 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. The Hilton is debuting an all-inclusive resort in Mexico – wow!
  2. How to do board and batten on a staircase (SO cool)
  3. 25% off sitewide at Pink Lily today only (code: boo)
  4. Why fake forgiveness is toxic for relationships
  5. Have you ever heard of (or had) creamy apple pie?
  6. My $78 leopard Abercrombie pullover is on sale for $44.63!!!
  7. Tips for introducing your child to a new baby sibling
  8. 12 real people sharing their meaningful tattoos
  9. ICYMI, these are the Louis Vuitton look-for-less options from Walmart – both under $50!!!
  10. Great words on discouragement (all the feels)
  11. Bookmarking these easy salad dressing recipes!
  12. Still obsessed with this dress
  13. A TED talk from my fave college professor: How to stop languishing and finding flow
  14. How to maintain friendship when you’re in two different life stages
  15. I give these little Amazon pumpkins a 10/10. They’re precious in person!!!

Happy weekend reading!