The weeeeeeeeekend is here! We’ve got lots of family time ahead; it was my mom’s birthday yesterday, I’m playing shopping assistant slash personal stylist to my brother on Saturday, and then the fam is coming over on Sunday to celebrate my mom’s birthday – including my grandparents, who have never met Olivia. So everyone is STOKED all around. Cheers to Weekend Reading.

Weekend Reading, Vol. 2 on Coming Up Roses - Bookmark these links to read now AND later!

  1. Do you have a to-do-when-you’re-blah list yet?
  2. Kate’s got a great list of ways to clean your beauty tools
  3. 20 people learned sign language to be able to communicate with their new deaf 2-year-old neighbor
  4. All sortsa Barefoot Dreams for 50% off?!? BLESS.
  5. Passion burnout is real. Do you have it?
  6. Grace has great tips on picking art for your home
  7. I’m not dairy-free anymore, but this vegan buffalo cauliflower mac n’ cheese looks DELISH
  8. This blush maxi dress has me dreaming of Positano. In my cart!
  9. Here are 27 useful products from Walmart for every room in your house
  10. This is what self-care actually looks like (hint: not just bubble baths)
  11. The 411 on different face oils, their benefits, + which skin type is best for each
  12. Lovelovelove Krystal’s list of free things to do in NYC
  13. Anxiously awaiting this from the mailman after so many of you RAVED about it in my DMs…
  14. Pink high rise jeans on sale for $24.64? So, basically my soulmate pants.
  15. Tula just restocked their fabulous acne + tone correcting gel and their Instabright sheet masks – get 20% off both with code COMINGUPROSES

Happy weekend reading!

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