Happy Weekend, and happy WEEKEND READING! This weekend is a FUN one for us – we had the best Friendsgiving party last night with our game night group, then are heading to UPenn’s Homecoming game today with the whole fam. GO QUAKERS. Also hoping for some holiday decorating + planning on the agenda, and have got some fun stuff to shoot for the blog. So, busy busy busy! As always. 🙂 Not a bad thing, and very much anticipated this time of year especially. What’s on your agenda? Anything fun? Is your Christmas tree up yet??? HA. Cheers to a good cuppa coffee + some solid weekend reading ahead!


  1. Lizzo, but make it the Aristocrats. (Obsessed).
  2. Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispy treats??? YUMMERS.
  3. How PERFECT is this plaid cape coat poncho for the holidays?!? I just ordered mine! (code ERICA15 for a discount!)
  4. The evolution of the iPhone, from 2007 to now
  5. 10 laundry hacks to try
  6. OK I’M DOING IT – I’m trying the Billie razor
  7. How to reclaim your joy when you feel like giving up
  8. Get your pets’ ashes memorialized forever – this is COOL.
  9. Mom Mode, activated. 😉
  10. Remember THE DRESS??? Here’s why we all see different colors. (fascinating!)
  11. How to do gel nails at home!
  12. Am hearing nothing but RAVE reviews on these jeans – especially with booties!
  13. Can’t wait to try this white chicken chili!
  14. Just pulled the trigger on these boots that every girl on Instagram raves about – TBD!!!
  15. How to get inspiration for your Christmas cards – ’tis the season!

Happy weekend reading!

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