Haaaaappy Weekend Reading! What’s on your weekend agenda? We just saw WWE in person last night; J’s been the biggest WWE fan since childhood, so I surprised him with tickets to see Smackdown live for our anniversary in September. Do I get wife points for that? HA. 😉 Today we’ve got fun tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra which I am STOKED for, and tomorrow is a hopefully ~chill~ family day. Probably finishing up some decorating + cleaning up a bit after church – all the things! Onto some gooooood weekend reading…


  1. Why we should stop feeling guilty about the things we enjoy
  2. Sweet potato pie with a maple bourbon glaze (um, yum)
  3. Could not be more impressed with these $22 jeans I recently snagged (They run TTS)
  4. “She Used to be Mine” from Waitress…goosbumps
  5. 13 brutally honest do’s and don’t’s in helping your friend who just had a baby
  6. Can we talk about this skirt?!? #HeartEyes
  7. Trauma is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility
  8. Nothing beats a nana’s banana bread
  9. A beyond fabulous Gucci belt lookalike – for not even $20!!!
  10. Speaking of lookalikes, these $38 leggings are *great* alternatives to the $98 Spanx leather leggings!!
  11. Here’s how many things should *actually* be on your to-do list everyday
  12. Some hot + cold mocktail recipes!
  13. This dress is a FABULOUS work option for now that doesn’t wrinkle – and is only $17! (I have the green leopard!)
  14. Transitioning from one child to two soon? Read this.
  15. Apple peanut butter French toast roll-ups for breakfast it is…say that ten times fast. 😉

Happy weekend reading!