HAPPY LEAP YEAR!!! See ya in 4 years. 😉 This day basically doesn’t exist on the calendar, so that makes it extra special and today’s gonna rock. Right? Right. We just got back from the dreamiest vacation at the happiest place on Earth (aka Disney), so we’re spending some time relaxing this weekend not walking a bajillion steps and dodging a bajillion children. What are your plans? Let’s get to some Weekend Reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 69 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. This entire family singing Les Mis together is simply UNREAL.
  2. Got cashmere? Here’s how to take care of it.
  3. is on MEGA SALE – grab one for next winter now! (I paid $100 on Black Friday, so this is the LOWEST price ever!)
  4. Schitt’s Creek fans: Here’s Alexis saying “DAVID” approximately a hundred times.
  5. This power butter looks so yummy – can’t wait to make it on toast!
  6. How DREAMY is this ??? And it’s ON SALE.
  7. Goldman Sachs will no longer do IPO’s for companies with all-male boards – WOO.
  8. Do you have an internal monologue? I don’t think I do…
  9. These are under 20 bucks – SO cute.
  10. This bookstore has kittens inside – and they’re up for adoption!
  11. Love Ashley’s tips for tucking in sweaters – great for transitional outfit ideas!
  12. Have been loveloveLOVING (you will, too!) – Code COMINGUPROSES will take 15% off!
  13. Powerful Christian story on the blue jay and the hawk.
  14. Lovelovelove this clever toddler snack hack with a muffin tin!
  15. Lovelovelove for spring – PERFECT for my working girls!

Happy weekend reading!