Happy WEEKEND! And surprise – we’re in St. Louis! Well, not all of us…J + I headed to STL to celebrate Taylor’s son’s first birthday, while Liv kicks it with her grandparents (aka her favorite people) at the pool. Nervous to be traveling during a pandemic, but staying VERY cautious + careful and praying all goes well, especially since we only see each other a few times a year – and our kiddos’ birthdays are musts. 🙂 Hope you’ve got some fun in the sun on the calendar – enjoy this weekend reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 83 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. 30 of the most mind blowing facts – seriously.
  2. What it REALLY means to “age gracefully” (hint: more than appearance!)
  3. American Eagle is still 60% off everything (WOO) – just bought + adore these jean shorts!
  4. Every drink to get if you’re drinking around the world at Epcot
  5. Lovelovelove this roundup of the best educational apps for kids!
  6. Here’s the super cozy soft $20 distressed hoodie + $15 shorts I lived in this week…
  7. This guy painted fake shadows around town and really freaked people out…
  8. Yes way, strawberry lemon frose.
  9. Liv’s favorite stuffed animals? They just re-stocked the elephant!!! (PERF baby gift!)
  10. This Karen mistook a customer for an employee…fair warning, I near peed my pants laughing. 😉
  11. SO INTERESTING: The negative mindsets we’re all guilty of
  12. These look like Vans sneakers but are under $15…!
  13. How Brene Brown gets it done (“it” being life)
  14. Watermelon cucumber feta salad? YUM.
  15. OBSESSED with this under $20 skirt from Amazon that I wore this week! Easy breezy, baby!

Happy weekend reading!

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