10 Beauty New Years Resolutions to Make Right Now

Happy January 9th – how ya doin’ on those New Years Resolutions??? 😉 Now’s the time when things get tough. The first few days are usually a cake walk, because we’re fueled by motivation and leftover champagne (is that even a thing? Doubt it…). But now – now’s when we’ve gotta be more intentional than ever about sticking with it, or we start slowly but surely falling by the wayside. One thing never worth slipping: our beauty routines. To some, it might sound frivolous. But in reality, it’s not – it’s part of making you look + feel your best, which is the most important at the end of the day. Plus, so many beauty resolutions aren’t frivolous at all – they’re essential to your overall health + wellbeing! Especially in wintertime. I outright scared myself looking in the mirror the other day, because I was faced with dryness + redness galore. And oftentimes, a few small swaps or switches in our beauty routines can make a BIG difference in the end results. SO. Today I’m sharing 10 beauty resolutions to make right this very second with my friends at Physicians Formula – make your list and check it twice! 😉

10 Beauty Resolutions to Make Right Now, with Physicians Formula - 10 Beauty New Years Resolutions to Make Right Now by popular Philadelphia beauty blogger Coming Up Roses



  • SPF 

WOWWWWWW I am ashamed at how long it has taken me to get my skin’s ish together and actually use sunscreen daily. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always been pretty solid at using SPF in the summertime, or at the beach, etc. But on the reg? Not so much. And this is sooooo no bueno, yo. The #1 cause of skin’s decline as we age is sun exposure. But it’s not just limited to laying out or tanning – it’s the everyday rays on your face that really do you in (although of course that intense exposure in summer, etc., is definitely not good!).

Physicians Formula new product to try: The Healthy Foundation

I’ve been loveloveLOVING Physicians Formula’s new Healthy Foundation. It’s actually their first-ever full color range foundation line, with their proprietary brightening complex to provide medium/full coverage while improving your overall complexion. I’ve found this foundation to be suuuuuuper buildable + breathable – both of which are important to me. It’s also formulated to be good for all skin types, including sensitive, because its packed with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A, C, & E, as well as SPF 20.

Popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses teams up with Physician's Formula and shares her 10 Beauty New Years Resolutions which you should take right now. Click here now to see them all!

  • Brows 

Wow, also ashamed at how long it took me to get on the brow bandwagon. TOO LONG. For years, I plucked/tweezed my eyebrows…but that was pretty much it. Which was bad for a few reasons. First off, because I overplucked and/or just didn’t pluck right. Yannno how they say eyebrows should be sisters and not twins? (Or is that just boobs?). Welp, mine would end up like third cousins twice removed. HA. Second…I didn’t fill anything in. This might not be a problem for some gals, but for me who has dark hair, suuuuper dark eyes, and light skin…it looked absurd. Especially having dark hair, not filling in brows becomes that much more obvious. SO, I needed to buck up and get my brow game together.

I sometimes get my brows waxed, but for day-to-day life, I still tweeze them myself – and now I fill them in. I’ve found quite a few brow liners/pencils that I dig, but upon picking favorites of the month for this post, I literally put one brow pencil aside (a much more expensive option, too) in favor of this new goody from Physicians Formula.

Physicians Formula new product to try: Brow Last

This product is a GEM (and my best friend is obsessed with it too, and she’s an actual beauty guru sooooo there’s that). It’s a tinted gel product that you apply via a little brush, and then there’s a spooly attached, too, to immediately follow the pigment by just brushing it out and evening out application in your brows as so. I typically wear “Dark Brown” although “Medium Brown” works on me, too. The formula itself is said to be longwearing, water-resistant, transfer-proof, AND smudge proof, and it’s got a blend of vitaminds B & E to actually nourish + strengthen your brows at the same time. Which is really friggin’ cool. It goes on wetter, since it IS a wet formula, but it tries pretty quickly and definitely stays put all day long!

  • Serum 

If you’re not using serum in your skincare routine, you’re doing it wrong. Seriously tho! First thing’s first, the correct order: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer. Of course, some other goodies could be added in there for specific skin concerns. But by and large, serum’s gotta go between toning and moisturizing! And typically, your serum is a good way to actually incorporate those “specific” needs; they make serums for everything from anti-acne to anti-aging, so you can experiment there to find the best serum for your skin type.

Physicians Formula new product to try: Rose All Day Oil-free Serum

The Rose All Day serum is oil-free, which is a big perk over here at Oily Girl Central. I use this in the morning, actually, in my morning skincare instead of nighttime because it’s so light + wearable for the day! It’s great for everyday since it’s got all sortsa good stuff in it: rosewater, goji berries, vitamin E, + kakadu plum extract/vitamin C. Rosewater is reaaaaaally good for balancing, reducing redness + helping out things like eczema, rosacea, etc. Goji berries are FULL of antioxidants, vitamin E is fab for moisturization, + kakadu plum extract/vitamin C helps brighten and even out your skin tone.

10 Beauty Resolutions to Make Right Now, with Physicians Formula - 10 Beauty New Years Resolutions to Make Right Now by popular Philadelphia beauty blogger Coming Up Roses

Monogram coffee mug here

  • Healthy lips 

Wintertime is the actual WORST for me when it comes to lips. IDK what the heck it is, but my lips get drier than the the actual Sahara as soon as the temp drops below 50. While I’m still working on finding the *best* combination of process + products to really be a solution, one thing that definitely helps daily is a gentle exfoliation. Some days I’m a bit more intense with my exfoliation than others, depending on need. But in the winter when everything is a flaky mess (gross, but #truth), I think a lighter exfoliation more often can help preserve your lips for the long haul.

Physicians Formula new product to try: Organic Wear Organic Rose Oil Lip Polish

This new product from PF in particular is great because it’s a) all-natural, b.) infused with both organic rosehip oil AND organic coconut oil, and c.) has organic raw sugar, too, for a gentle exfoliation. There’s also organic shea butter in the formula, too, for added softness once any dead skin is sloughed away. #bless

Popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses teams up with Physician's Formula and shares her 10 Beauty New Years Resolutions which you should take right now. Click here now to see them all!

  • Primer

The #1 thing you should be doing before applying any sorta face makeup/foundation is PRIMING! Didja know you can’t actually shrink pores? Yeah. Had me shook. But what you CAN do, is make pores look smaller or not so obvious by making sure that your makeup sits on top of your skin, instead of sinking into it.

Physicians Formula new product to try: Spotlight Illuminating Primer

This primer isn’t my all-time favorite (some of my top picks are Smashbox’s photo finish primer, or others which are definitely priceier than this one), but it’s nice because of all of the good-for-you qualities it has. It’s enriched with different age-defiers to help prevent against all of the different “aggressors” to your skin in the environment around you (which is lowkey terrifying to really think about). And it’s also got Vitamin E & A in a lil’ antioxidant blend!

10 Beauty Resolutions to Make Right Now, with Physicians Formula - 10 Beauty New Years Resolutions to Make Right Now by popular Philadelphia beauty blogger Coming Up Roses

  • Goooood cleansing

I’ve always been good at taking my makeup off before bed. But what I’ve NOT always been good at is making *sure* it’s all actually off. I used to just leisurely wash my face, either with a washcloth or my hands and a cleanser. But I kept having skin issues + breakouts, and I thought there HAD to be some sorta explanation! Then I got a Clarisonic…and my life changed. True story. I realized how much makeup residue was still remaining on my face, even after “cleansing.” So I figured it was due time to up my regimen and get some goooood cleansing goin’ on ASAP. Now, that means double-cleansing as of late – a process that apparently models do, so obvi I’m going to GLOW, YO. (ha). That means I’m taking my makeup fully off first, typically with a blend of a few different makeup removers + miceller waters, and then I’m doing a full cleanse with cleanser + my Clarisonic. Might be extra AF, but I’d rather be extra than broken out.

Physicians Formula new product to try: Charcoal Detox Cleansing Stick

This little stick is a *gem* for traveling. It’s a cleanser/exfoliant with bamboo charcoal, with works to draw out dirt, oil, and other impurities similar to your fave charcoal face mask. (Here are some of my fave face masks for oily skin!). Another key ingredient: glycolic acid. Glycolic acid has been my JAM as of late, because it’s basically an amazing chemical exfoliant, so having this also inside is really fabulous. This stick is my go-to for travel, since it has multiple product benefits all packed into one little roll-up stick, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space!

Popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses teams up with Physician's Formula and shares her 10 Beauty New Years Resolutions which you should take right now. Click here now to see them all!

  • Mascara 

If I was to be stranded on a deserted island, one of my five take-alongs would be mascara. Mascara, pizza, lipstick, a Bible, and a good glass of wine. 😉 If you haven’t resolved to throw on some mascara everyday, do it now. It’s the easiest thing to add to your routine, and it makes a BIG difference in making you look (+ feel) more awake.

Physicians Formula new product to try: Killer Curves Mascara

Physicians Formula’s new mascara is formulated with lash-lifting polymers and volumizing collagen, all meant to enhance the curl of your lashes + increase the vavavoom factor. #bless. It’s also got strengthening peptides, amino acids, + provitamin B5 for nourishment!

  • Highlight 

Who couldn’t use a little more SHINE in your life? And a highlight on fleek will do that for ya. 😉 Swipe your highlight on your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, and on your cupid’s bow (that pucker right above your lips, under your nose) to “highlight” the highest points on your face in a really flattering way!

Physicians Formula new product to try: Butter Highlight (new shade: Iridescence)

Physicians Formula’s Butter Highlights aren’t new, but the shade Iridescence is! You’ve seen Rose Gold, Champagne, Pink, + Pearl in this post. They’re super soft + BUTTERY, just like their name suggests. And they’re basically the sister products to PF’s other cult classic, Butter Bronzer + Butter Blush. This new shade has some purpley undertones, so it’s a really pretty, fun shade to step into 2018 with!

10 Beauty Resolutions to Make Right Now, with Physicians Formula - 10 Beauty New Years Resolutions to Make Right Now by popular Philadelphia beauty blogger Coming Up Roses

  • Bronzer/contour 

If there’s one good thing that’s come from the Kardashians, it’s a true appreciation for contouring. 😉 While highlighting hits the HIGH points of your face to add light, contouring is meant to create shadow, sculpting out your face to add dimension (and usually slim ya down visually in the process). Do yourself a solid and vow to venture into the world of highlight/contour for 2018.

Physicians Formula new product to try: Butter Bronzer (new shades!)

If you haven’t heard of the Butter Bronzer, you might’ve been living under a Beauty rock. 😉 This bad boy is the creamiest contour out there – and it’s also the coconuttiest, as evident by its to-die-for smell. The Butter Bronzer itself is obviously no new invention, but there are a few new shades that’ve been added to the arsenal! Sunkissed Bronzer and Deep Bronzer are both brand spankin’ new – woo! I fluctuate between all shades depending on the time of year; I contour everyday but don’t usually bronze all over unless it’s summer, so I might go for the darker, deeper shade for a more intense contour while the lighter bronzer is better for an all-over summer glow.

Popular Philadelphia style blogger Coming Up Roses teams up with Physician's Formula and shares her 10 Beauty New Years Resolutions which you should take right now. Click here now to see them all!

  • Treat yo’self

TREAT YO’SELF! My motto for 2018 and always. 😉 A very necessary beauty resolution, since far too many of us skimp on the important stuff – like self-care. Having fun with makeup or beauty products doesn’t mean you’re narcissistic, frivolous, or any other negative adjective. You’re allowed to have fun with your face, and you’re allowed to indulge a little (or a lot) on the things that bring about more joy in your life! Sometimes that means a bigger splurge, like a fancy handbag or shoes (yes and yes). Sometimes that means having a few extra products on hand that feel a little, well, “extra.”

Physicians Formula new product to try: RefreshMint Cucumber & Bamboo Eye De-Puffer

Had I ever used an Eye Depuffer before this year? Nope, nope I had not. If my eyes were puffy at all, I’d just adjust my eye makeup to make it work – or I’d just say Screw it! and carry on my day without a care. But sometimes…treat yo’self. PF has this new little eye de-puffer stick with peppermint, cucumber, glacial water + bamboo shoot extract. Peppermint and cucumber are cooling, glacial water is hydrating + soothing, and bamboo shoot is refreshing + hydrating, too. So anytime you need a quick refresh, the aptly-named RefreshMint stick does the trick. I also lovelovelove traveling with this gem – I use one swipe on each eye every morning, and then I swipe it throughout the day on any day when I’m not wearing makeup and just need a lil’ pickmeup!

What are your 2018 Beauty Resolutions? Have you tried any of these new Physicians Formula goodies yet?

I’d lovelovelove to hear both in a comment down below – let me know what you’re resolving to add/subtract/do differently in your own routine this year!

P.S. More Physicians Formula content can be found here and here!

P.P.S. Have a kickass Tuesday.

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