6 Best Amazon Buys of November

Here comes Amazon, here comes Amazon, right down my drivewaaaay! If you’re anything like me, it’s not just jingle bells you’re hearing this time of year (or really, anytime) – it’s the sound of the Prime drivers doing the Lord’s work and delivering anything and everything in two days time (or maybe a bit longer, because #SupplyChain – ha!). I’m always a nosy little sucker for seeing others’ favorite finds, so I thought today we’d talk my 6 best Amazon buys from the month of November. Some of these should be no surprise or secret if we’re friends over on Instagram, and a few are newer wins. 

I’ve been in the great habit now of reading before bed, and I try to make it something spiritual or faith-based to re-fill my cup and be the last thing in my brain before sleep. I saw this devotional recommended for Advent and figured I’d give it a try – so far so good! It basically breaks down one of the most popular passages in the Bible – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 – which is “the love verse.” You know…”Love is patient, Love is kind, etc.” It’s quoted at many folks’ weddings (like ours! Ha!) and has always stood as a model for modern love in Christianity. The book, Love Came Down at Christmas, breaks down a section of the verse in each chapter, explaning what it means for us, the Church, Christ, the whole nine yards, and adds context based on the time it was written and how that impacts its relevance. I personally lovelovelove when resources do that since I think it’s easy for scripture to get confusing or misinterpreted, especially when read in bulk or out of context. 

This is THE SWEATER I’ve been raving about all month long – it’s simply fabulous. In the running for my best Amazon buys of all time, not just in November. It’s not your typical cable knit that might make ya sweat or be sortof scratchy – oh no. It’s a super soft, stretchy, buttery smooth sweater that just feels good. Ridiculously comfortable with a great sleeve that’s fitted at the wrist (so it won’t interfere with writing, typing, etc), but is looser under the armpits (so no sweating!). I’ve bought 3 so far. 

BONUS: It’s currently 32% off!!!

I’ve been on the hunt for the ~best~ dupes to the cult-classic Spanx faux leather leggings, and let me tell you – I’ve done it. I’ve found it. THESE are the best I’ve found so far to get BOTH the look AND the feel at a lower, more affordable price point. (Also in the running for best Amazon buys EVER!). I say that because obviously one of the most important and iconic features of the OG Spanx are the way they “suck you in” beyond being a sleek faux leather look. These aren’t the exact same suction as Spanx, but they definitely feel compressive at the waistband and are a nice snug fit. At under $30, definitely a worthwhile competitor to the $98 Spanx!

ICYMI, team CUR is *hooked* on Poppi. (As seen in Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove!). Katie and I were just texting this past week about our daily count and favorite flavors. I’m partial to Raspberry Rose and Watermelon while Orange curbs her orange soda cravings. Orange is also J’s fave since he was a big fan of Crush growing up. But what I lovelovelove so much about Poppi is that it’s actually healthy. They’ve got apple cider vinegar + prebiotics inside for gut health, natural sweetners, and fresh fruit – NO chemicals or empty calories like your Coke. 😉 The laundry list of good things they’re linked to includes everything from lwoering cholesterol to refining your complexion, stabilizing blood sugar, and naturally detoxifying your body – safe to say, we’re all HOOKED. And by “we all” I mean team CUR, my household, my parents, and any/all of you who have grabbed a can or two on a Target run and reported back with thoughts. 

In revamping + re-organizing various things around the house, I came to my makeup vanity and knew the drawers needed a little TLC. I grabbed these organizers to better separate products and they’ve been great – bonus points that they come with little sticky pads to put underneath the bins to prevent slipping. Nice sleek, chic acrylic organizers – and there’s a coupon you can currently apply at checkout!

I was holding my breath on this 3-piece set, but it’s a winner winner chicken dinner. You get the matching pants, crop tank, and long duster cardigan in your choice color (I did the tan with white stars) for under $50 for the set. Since it looks similar to Barefoot Dreams material at first glance, I wasn’t sure how similar it would be in feel; I’d say it’s a clear nod to it but not a DUPE. The material is thinner than the classic Barefoot Dreams plush – but here, I actually think it’s a GOOD thing, but a full set in Barefoot Dreams material would be too hot and borderline oppressive, and I’d definitely sweat my buns off and not lovelovelove it. It’s a great, comfy set 

What were your best Amazon buys in November?

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