The 10 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix this Year

HO HO HO, friends – it’s Friday and it’s CHRISTMAS TIME. Break out the gingerbread + deck the halls, because ’tis the season. Obviously one of the best things about right about now is snuggling up on the couch with some wine or hot chocolate for a Christmas movie marathon. Add your fur babies, your human babies, your honey, and some SNACKS it’s a party! Things come and go on Netflix all the time, so this year we’re doing as last and rounding up the ten best Christmas Movies on Netflix this year. From classic Christmas to cheesy romcom, and everything in between, I made my list, checked it twice, and watched waaaaaay too many movies to make it happen here. 😉 Refill your glass/mug and lesssssgo.

Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

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  1. The Princess Switch – Hands down, without a question, no doubt the BEST new Christmas movie on Netflix this year. I mean, it didn’t make last month’s Monthly Favorites for nothin’. 😉 Stacy Denovo is a girl-next-door Chicagoan who can seriously bake. Her partner-in-crime at the bakery lands them a spot in a global baking competition in the country of Belgravia. While there, she bumps into a Duchess – the soon-to-be new Queen – and just so happens…they look like twins. So they switch places for two days, to play the part of princess and everyday girl. It’s like the Princess Diaries meets The Parent Trap on the Hallmark Channel, and it’s a joy the whole ride.
  2. A Christmas Prince – It was numero uno on last year’s list, and it’s back again for good reason! A journalist gets her “big break” project to head to Europe and cover a story of supposed Royal scandal. The country is in need of a new king, and the next-in-line – the prince, is a rumored playboy partier. She accidentally ends up under cover on-the-job as the princess’ tutor (oops), and what ensues is a royally good time. Pun totally intended. Although, if her true identity is revealed, it could ruin everything…will it? ?
  3. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding – Back at it again with a sequel! I will say, I didn’t lovelovelove this as much as the original, but I guess that’s to-be-expected with sequels? It follows Amber’s journey to “becoming Queen” as she prepares to marry into the royal family of Aldovia. But does she have what it takes?
  4. Christmas Chronicles – Kurt Russels stars as Santa in this flick that’s TOTALLY heartwarming for the whole family. Siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce are mourning Christmas without their dad. This year, they devise a scheme to catch Santa in the act. Turns out, Santa is real…and so is their predicament, when they accidentally make SC late on his Christmas Eve duties, complicating Christmas. They have to team up to help save the night – and Christmas Day. Can they save Christmas once and for all?
  5. Holiday Engagement – Another FAVE to rewatch every year! Reporter Hilary loses her job at the local paper AND loses her fiance, right in time for the holidays. BUT, her mom is a *wee* bit overbearing and reaaaaaaally expects a fiance + fairytale to show up at the Thanksgiving table. So, Hilary sets out to hire a fake fiance for the holidays. And you can guess where things go from there. ? There is AWESOME chemistry between the two lead actors here, so it doesn’t even feel like a cheesy Christmas flick!
  6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas – The Christmas Classic starring Jim Carrey is on Netflix this year! #BlessUp.
  7. Merry Kissmas – This one isn’t my fave because it’s a bit TOO predictable + cheesy in my opinion (but is that possible with Christmas movies??? You be the judge). But it’s still cute! Kayla is set to marry famous choreographer, Carlton, but he’s waaaaay too controlling and totally not good for her. She starts to see that upon meeting cute caterer Dustin in a “magical” elevator, where they share a chemistry-packed kiss under the mistletoe. But will she see clearly before saying “I Do” to the wrong guy?
  8. Holiday Breakup – Not-your-average overly cheesy, PG Christmas classic. It’s still cheesy, yes, but it’s got some edge to it! Jeff and Chloe have a whirlwind relationship, falling head over heels after meeting accidentally…in a minor car accident. He’s more “stable,” she needs to “grow up” a bit – so they break up. But with the holidays right around the corner, they’re not looking for anyone’s pity – so they pretend to be together to get by. Will they find true love after all?
  9. How Sarah Got Her Wings – Another favorite back from last Christmas! In a fatal accident right before Christmas, Sarah is in a predicament – she gets up to the pearly gates, only to learn she hasn’t quite made it in (yet). She’s given the chance to redeem her name by making good on earth in the 12 days of Christmas. Only thing – it involves setting her ex-boyfriend up with his true love.
  10. Christmas Crush – Rachel had it all in high school – valedictorian, cheerleading captain, glee club soloist…and the hottest guy in school. Even though it’s been years since they broke up, Rachel hasn’t stopped pining for him – so she jumps at the chance to see him again at a Christmas party high school reunion. But will things go back to how they were in high school days, or will Rachel realize that her true love was there all along and never left her side?

What are your favorite Christmas movies on Netflix this year?

Do you lovelovelove one that’s not on this list? I WANNA KNOW. There are 3 weeks until Christmas, and a lotta couch time to make happen.

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