The Top 10 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

My job has been SO hard the past few days. Why? Because I’ve tasked myself with finding the official top 10 best Christmas movies on Netflix. 😉 This post has been in the works for awhile, and then I saw another blogger do the exact same thing yesterday. CLEARLY, she read my mind and we’re on the same page here. HA. But really, one of my *favorite* things about Christmas is binging as many cheesy Hallmark movies as possible. From the actual Hallmark channel to the 25 Days of Christmas countdown, to Netflix’s own additions, there is no shortage of cheese. Just add wine and we’ve got ourselves the perfect Christmas night in. 😉

So, without further adieu, here are my own personal favorites – the top 10 best Christmas movies on Netflix for your seasonal viewing pleasure.

The Top 10 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix

  1. The Christmas Prince – Favorite this season! A journalist gets her “big break” project to head to Europe and cover a story of supposed Royal scandal. The country is in need of a new king, and the next-in-line – the prince, is a rumored playboy partier. She accidentally ends up under cover on-the-job as the princess’ tutor (oops), and what ensues is a royally good time. Pun totally intended. Although, if her true identity is revealed, it could ruin everything…will it? 😉 I LOVED this one, my best friend loved this one, her husband loved this one, and I watched it AGAIN last night with my hubs and he loveloveloved it, too. Watch it tonight!
  2. 12 Dates of Christmas – I think I’ve watched this one every year since I found it on Netflix! Kate is set up on a blind date with Miles for Christmas Eve, and finds herself waking up to relive the same day over and over (until she gets it right 😉 ). Super cute with great chemistry between the main actors!
  3. A Holiday Engagement – Another FAVE. This one makes me tear up and laugh out loud. Hilary, a reporter (why is every lead a reporter? HA!), loses her job at the local paper AND loses her fiance, right in time for the holidays. BUT, her mom is a *wee* bit overbearing and reaaaaaaally expects a fiance + fairytale to show up at the Thanksgiving table. So, Hilary sets out to hire a fake fiance for the holidays. And you can guess where things go from there. 😉 There is AWESOME chemistry between the two lead actors here, so it doesn’t even feel like a cheesy Christmas flick!
  4. Christmas Belle – Feels like a Disney movie, since Haylie Duff is the lead – I just expect Lizzie McGuire to make an appearance at some point. Ha! 😉 The story follows Belle, who is tasked with handling the real estate proceedings of a big mansion. As she spends time with Hunter, the owner who is NOT the warmest lad on the block, a lil’ romance starts to heat up and melt his otherwise icy attitude. Belle’s longtime love interest, Tony, shows up to the scene, making things confusing to Hunter and chaotic for Belle.
  5. A Christmas Kiss – A classic Cinderella story! Wendy, a great but largely undiscovered set designer, shares a spontaneous, masked kiss with a hottie in an elevator, only to leave in a rush and never even get his name. She soon finds out…it was her betchy boss’ boyfriend. #oops. While the chemistry between Wendy’s boss, Priscilla, and the boyfriend, Adam, is so-so, the connection between Adam and Wendy is electric. So…it’s a bit of a conundrum. I watch this one + it’s sequel multiple times every year…they’re great girls night options!
  6. A Christmas Kiss II – Another Cinderella story – in follow-up to the first! A magazine assistant (and aspiring fashion designer) shares a kiss in an elevator with a playboy bigshot – who happens to be her boss’ brother. He immediately falls for her and has to convince her that this isn’t just a romantic Christmas novelty, or the next chick on his Christmas list.
  7. The Santa Clause (+ 2 and 3!) – This classic Christmas series is on Netflix – need I say more?
  8. Back to Christmas – Ali is a total workaholic, about to spend Christmas alone, when she runs into her ex, Cam, and his new woman. Filled with regret, she wishes she had the chance to just re-do last Christmas Eve, when she thinks she messed up their relationship by “overreacting” to Cam’s non-diamond-ring gift to her. She gets her wish – but things aren’t exactly as she remembered. She ends up realizing that maybe the fairytale ending that she thought she wanted, wasn’t even a fairytale at all. The ending is actually SO sweet.
  9. How Sarah Got Her Wings – In a fatal accident right before Christmas, Sarah is in a predicament – she gets up to the pearly gates, only to learn she hasn’t quite made it in (yet). She’s given the chance to redeem her name by making good on earth in the 12 days of Christmas. Only thing – it involves setting her ex-boyfriend up with his true love.
  10. The Spirit of Christmas – I’ve heard quite a few folks RAVE about this new movie this year! To be honest, I need to rewatch it because I wasn’t totally feelin’ it the first time around – but I was multitasking (per usual – ha), so I might’ve missed the hype. The story follows Kate, a workaholic lawyer (I swear they’re all reporters or lawyers!), who is tasked with selling an old inn/bed-and-breakfast. Only problem – it’s haunted. And every Christmas season, for 12 days, a real-live ghost – who just so happens to be absurdly good-looking – comes back to enjoy his old place…and he will not approve of the sale. Personally, I thought the storyline was a bit weird and not very Christmas-y – it was like a confusing mix of a supernatural thriller and Hallmark romance, which threw me. And when the romance even kicks in, it felt abrupt and forced to me. BUT, like I said, I was probably not paying the closest attention and maybe just missed something important if others think it’s bombdotcom. So I’ll give it another go and report back with an update. 😉


What do you think are the best Christmas movies on Netflix?

Is your favorite one on this list? If you’ve got another favorite I didn’t mention, pleasepleaseplease lemme know in a comment below!

TGIF – hope your Friday night is full of Christmas movie bliss!

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