Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove – Monthly Favorites, April 2020

Lowkey SHOOK that another month is already in the books – 2020 is 1/4 of the way DONE already. Isn’t that unreal?! It keeps feeling like we’re all in this weird dream that we’ll wake up from, but by now we’re all well aware that that’s NOT the case, and things will never be the same. BUT, I’m still trying to just point out the positives and find the bless amidst the mess of it all, and I hope you’re doing the same! It can be SO admittedly easy to get sucked up into the negative spiral sometimes, especially when it feels like everything is going to sh*t. And when that happens, note the small stuff that we can still appreciate and acknowledge. Sometimes, that small stuff is the cool sh*t we lovelovelove. See what I did there? 😉 Trying to segue here, people – this month’s got some beauty must-haves and cute shoes and a good book…lots of cool sh*t to lovelovelove amidst the craziness that is life right now. Frivolous, but fun. Something that maybe we need a little more of to take the edge off of life, so I’m here for it. 🙂

1.) Pink Lily tie dye tee

When I first pulled this out of the mail I was SHOOK at how soft it is. This is *not* your average t-shirt, friends. OH NO. It’s like this stretchy-soft, wrinkle-free fabric from heaven that just feels oh so good on, and how cute are the colors?! Like cotton candy! I’ve been wearing it on repeat and have had to force myself to change tops just to throw this one in the wash cycle between wears – HA. It’s affordable, too – and you can get an extra 15% off with code ERICA15 that the boutique so kindly passed along for you ladies! Bless up.

It sold out SO FAST so I’m keeping my eyes peeled on your behalf for a re-stock – cross your fingers + stay tuned!


2.) Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick (+ Maybelline alternative)

I’ve been a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury’s cult-classic Pillow Talk lipstick for years now. It’s such a PERFECT everyday shade, and it’s loveloveloved by SO many girls for that reason. It’s beautiful on every skin tone, too!

You probably know by now that I ALSO lovelovelove this Maybelline lippy – it’s FABULOUS. I’ve bought maybe 6 or 7 shades by now for my collection. It’s the perfect lippy because it’s easy to apply and non-drying, like a balm, but wears like a liquid lipstick in that it lasts ALL DAY. I got Katie HOOKED on ’em, too, where we showed up to an event together in the same shade – HA. This specific shade is PERFECT lookalike for Pillow Talk…for $27 LESS.

I mean, what?

I lovelovelove me some Charlotte Tilbury but you guys, this is no joke. I’ll probably do a full LOOK FOR LESS post for the series on this duo because it’s basically uncanny how similar they are, down to the formula itself! If you’re not looking to drop $34 on a lipstick right now, don’t sweat it – just pick up this $7 drugstore option instead!



3.) Daily neighborhood walks (+ Olay Regenerist Whips SPF 40)

One of our familial saving GRACES during quarantine especially has been our nightly walk around the neighborhood. We’ve been doing it for months now, but especially with not being able to really get fresh air otherwise, it’s been key to keeping sane. Wanted to also mention here another favorite that you’ll be hearing more about SOON – Olay’s new + improved Whips with SPF 40. You’ve heard me talk about Whips MANY times before so it’s no new news, but since they just launched it with the highest SPF they’ve ever offered, I had to include – since we all know how important SPF is for everyday! It’s been a staple in my daily routines even in quarantine, especially with getting fresh air outside on walks, and I couldn’t lovelovelove it more.


4.) Checkered Vans

OK OK…I used to not see the hype in these. They were ALL THE RAGE when I was in high school and I never owned a pair – but isn’t it funny how trends come back? It feels like everyone and her mother has been rockin’ the checkered Vans on Instagram anymore, so I thought what the heck and picked up a pair for me – and a pair for Liv, too! Maybe it’s the mommy-and-me matching we’ve got goin’ on now, but I’m OBSESSED. They’re hella comfortable, they match so much while being fun and kinda edgier, and baby Vans are just the dang cutest. 🙂


5.) The BEST no-show socks!

Friends, I am not kidding when I say these are the BEST no-show socks ON THE PLANET. I’ve been through my fair share of no-show socks. I’ve also thrown out my fair share of no-show socks, when they’ve inevitably stretched out, slipped down, fell off altogether and/or caused a blister. Ain’t nobody got time!

These do NOT slip. I showed y’all on Instastories in real time the other day – you take your foot out of your shoe and the sock is still RIGHT where you left it. This might sound so silly but any fellow lady in da house who’s been scorned by a sh*tty no-show sock can attest to this. 😉 They don’t show, they don’t slip, they don’t stretch out or make ya sweat weird – they’re just LEGIT.

And only $12 for 6 pairs!!! I just bought my second pack the other day – truly the bomb.


6.) Tao clean

This is a FUNKY skincare brush that I’ve been testing this month and will be sharing more of in the coming weeks, so STAY TUNED – ya saw it here first. 😉 But I saw this thing all over my Instagram at one point and just HAD to see what the hype was all about! It might look like your average Clarisonic or spinning brush, but NOSIRREE. Tao Clean’s cleansing  brush is unique because when you’re done cleaning and pop your brush head back in the holder, it actually uses UV technology to CLEAN the brush itself of any gross bacteria or product buildup that might get there from, yannno, washing it OFF of your face in the first place. 😉 I always had that thought with my Clarisonic in the past – what happens to the bristles after a few cleans? Are they just kinda soaking up bad gunk from my face and then…what?

This solves that problem and makes me feel like I’m *only* making + keeping my face cleaner, and never inadvertently putting crap BACK where it doesn’t belong. Bless up.

OH ALSO they passed along a code for y’all to try the brush, too – for an INSANE price. I can’t even believe it.

The brush system is originally $149 (comes with a brush head, and you can choose which brush head is best for your skin type/needs!). Code ERICAL62 will take $92.38 off at checkout (62% off), letting you get the brush system for only $56.62!!!!


7.) Ear cuffs

When I was in high school, I had this super pretty, dainty gold ear cuff that I wore everyday. I lost it once…rebought it and continued with it in my daily lineup. Somehow THAT one got lost, too, and for the life of me I couldn’t find it again online. So I bought these new ones in a cute little set…and lovelovelove.

In college I think I had a gap of NOT wearing an ear cuff, so I’m so glad I’m back in the ear cuff game. 😉 They’re just SO cute and subtle while feeling a bit edgy, not to mention WAAAAAY less painful than the actual piercing that would go there. Yeah…nothankyou.



8.) Long-sleeve jumpsuit

I shared another favorite jumpsuit in last month’s favorites, so this one had to come now! It’s an easy, comfy material that won’t wrinkle, travels well, and is flattering on all. The longer sleeves are great for weather right about now where sometimes it’s cooler, sometimes warmer, sometimes AC inside, etc. Cute with sneakers and a baseball cap, sandals – the works!

ALSO you can get 15% off with code ERICA15, so it’s SO AFFORDABLE considering it makes a whole outfit.


9.) Steve Madden studded sandals

I swear these are THE SANDAL of spring 2020! If you haven’t seen them on Instagram yet…are you even on Instagram? 😉 I KID, I KID. But really tho, these sandals are no joke. They’re SO cute, lovelovelove the studs for some added edge (y’all know I’m all about that girly-edgy combo!), they’re almost a designer lookalike (which I’m also all about), and they’re comfortable, too! Comes in a pretty tan (mine) and also a cute clear option.



I KNOW I KNOW…this was in last month’s roundup, too, so it’s cheating. But I mean my freaking BOOK comes out in a week – can ya blame me for being ridiculously excited?!? 😉 THANKYOUSOMUCH (again) to every single one of you who has already pre-ordered a copy (or 2!) and for sharing in the excitement with me. I am so #blessed to have such a supportive, kind, bada$$ group of women hanging out with me online everyday, and I hope that this book becomes a real tool and blessing in your life that brings value, hope, and encouragement when it’s needed most!

P.S. If you order now, it’ll be at your doorstep in time for Mother’s Day – hello, gift idea! 😉


And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know!

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