The October CURoundup: Podcasts, Top 10 Bestsellers, + Sales!

Katie here: I’m in denial that it is almost dark out right now at 3pm, and that Thanksgiving is in, like…2 weeks. WHAT. Which means Christmas is essentially tomorrow. Have you gotten any holiday shopping done yet? I’m very proud of ME for starting before the week of Christmas – HA! Before diving into this past month’s roundup, I highly suggest you check out all of the gift guides that are live on CUR – we’ve got more coming this week 🙂


Our MINNIE-Me is Turning THREE - MICKEY MOUSE BIRTHDAY PARTY theme on Coming Up Roses

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FALL COFFEE MUGS on Coming Up Roses

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN - a Cinderella family costume (all from Amazon!)

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1.) How to Stop Living on Autopilot: Simple Mindfulness Techniques you can do RIGHT NOW – with Gwen O’Leary – This conversation with my new friend Gwen is an absolute breath of fresh air, and is no doubt going to be a positive pause in your day. Gwen is a Mindfulness Teacher and Coach, finishing up her Masters degree in Mindfulness after spending two decades in Corporate HR studying human behavior and psychology. Today on THRIVE, she’s helping us all take a deep breath, slow down, and notice the present moment. Gwen takes the “woo woo” out of mindfulness and uses science to keep us all on earth, actually more grounded than ever before. She actually walks us through not one but TWO mini meditations together so that you can experience a mindful moment before today’s episode is through. She also gives practical ways to become more mindful in your busy everyday life, as well as a few tips specifically for mamas listening in on ways to be more mindful parents. It’s time to stop living on autopilot – this mindful moment is for you.

2.) Becoming Disciplined, Unlocking Potential, & Cultivating Success – with Craig Siegel – If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, today’s episode with Craig Siegel will feel like straight fire. Craig founded Cultivate Lasting Symphony and the CLS podcast after figuring out he was burnt out after a 10-year career on Wall Street. He’s been featured in Entrepreneur, MSN, Yahoo Finance and then some, and he’s seriously gifted at helping other people reach their full potential – or even figure out what it is in the first place. Today on THRIVE we’re deep diving into the power of the mind, how to become more disciplined, and how to model the attributes of the people you look up to most to increase your own confidence AND performance in life.

3.) Expecting the Unexpected in Business – and Thriving Through It – with Michelle Vroom – Michelle Vroom is a multi-six-figure entrepreneur and mama of 3 who’s great at figuring it out, trusting herself, and thriving through life’s unexpected curveballs. In today’s episode, she’ll help you figure out your motivation for doing something (…is it fear-based?), and drops practical advice on navigating the unexpected in business – like the time she lost 3 clients in one day at 8 months pregnant. Whether you’re a newer entrepreneur needing tips from a seasoned #boss or just needing a reminder on how trustworthy YOU really are in decision-making within your own life…we hope Michelle’s personal mantra resonates for you, too: “I’m gonna work it ’til it works.” 

4.) How to Have More Energy for your Everyday Life – with Pamela Barton – If you’ve been wanting or needing more ENERGY in your everyday – today’s episode with Pamela Barton is for you. Pamela is a registered holistic nutritionist and natural nutrition certified practitioner with LOADS of practical tips and simple solutions to what might feel like an impossible problem if you’re frequently finding yourself just dragging. Today’s episode has everything from five energy-fueling favorites to grab on your next grocery run to a 10-second rule to scientifically curb your body’s stress response before it happens and wreaks physiological havoc. Pamela also has advice for boosting energy if you’re someone with an autoimmune condition or thyroid issue, and a way to help literally reset your circadian rhythm to sleep better at night.


Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) Amazon slippers

2.) Sherpa puffer coat 

3.) Maybelline lip crayon 

4.) Pamela’s brownies

5.) Sam’s Club blanket dupe

6.) Time and Tru star sneakers

7.) Style Collection Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe

8.) Downy Scent Boosters

9.) “OMG I’m like literally dead” mug

10.) Cozy booties


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