Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Mark yo’ calendars: Father’s Day is June 21st! Since men can be the HARDEST people to shop for on Planet Earth sometimes, I couldn’t not help a sistah out with my personal favorite gift recommendations for guys that are sure to make Dad smile. 🙂 Some Father’s Day gift ideas for per the internet are just straight up STRANGE. So these are some of the best things I’ve gifted J and/or my own dad in past years, or things that may or may not be getting THIS year (so if you’re reading this, men, look away… 😉 ). Enter, the ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide!


Crosley record player – and this one! This is just one of those cool gifts for the dad who’s got a thing for vintage and an old vinyl collection just waiting to be played.

Baby face mug – A smash HIT with everyone in my family! Jamie keeps his at work, my dad’s is like his prized possession, my Pop (Liv’s great-grandfather) loveloveloves…it just makes the best Father’s Day gift + keepsake for any dad or father figure of little ones!

Yeti lookalike cup – As seen in May’s Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove – the perfect Yeti lookalike that’s around $20 on Amazon. What I lovelovelove most here is that you can order it with both a straw lid AND flip lid for both cold and hot drinks, both lids being leak-free. It keeps your ice solid in cold drinks ALL FREAKING DAY LONG (literally) + keeps hot drinks as hot as they were when you poured it in – crazy!!!

What I Love about Dad book – J + Liv got me the Mama version for Mother’s Day last year and it was SO CUTE. Liv helped. 😉 So I’m re-paying the favor this year as a Father’s Day gift!

Air pods – I got J AirPods for a holiday last year (I forget which one LOL) and he uses them every single day. This is the best price on them I’ve found so far!

Back massager for car or desk – Perfect for the dad with a.) a long commute, b.) an office job, and/or c.) back pain. Ha! But really, when J was commuting 40 minutes to work every day it was CLUTCH for the car, and now he just has his on his office chair. So smart!

Mizzen and Main shirt – J SWEARS by Mizzen and Main for his work shirts + golf shirts! The first time I got him one after seeing every blogger and her mother recommend them as their men’s favorites, he was shellshocked since they’re not the cheapest shirts out there. But he said – and I quote – “You can just get me one of these for every gift-giving holiday here on out until forever!” They’re just SO well-made and so comfortable for guys, made from a really breathable, flexible fabric. They’re one of the only white dress shirts he’s had that’s NOT see-through at all (which is important for him since he has a tattoo on his arm – ha!), and they’re his absolute favorite shirt to golf in, too. Worth the splurge! There’s a bunch on SUPER SALE right now, so I’m linking some below to snag before they’re gone (because they ALWAYS sell out when they’re on this good of a sale!!!).

Superdad shirt – A super cool shirt for a super dad! Also a Black-owned business to support.

“The dad shirt” – J SWORE by this shirt when Liv was a baby, and gifts it to any of our guy friends expecting babies as “baby shower” gifts – ha! It’s like a thicker t-shirt with a kangaroo pouch to tuck the baby into safely, and it makes life SO MUCH EASIER when you can just hang out, clean up (or play video games) with a sleeping or chill babe in your pouch.

Masterclass – OK THIS IS SO COOL. I lowkey want it myself – ha! You can sign up for different classes taught by famous people in that field and learn new skills and talents that way.

Mancrates – Another really cool, unique option (that I have in my cart for J + my own dad – sssssh, don’t tell! 😉 ). They’re different themed “crates” for guys! Everything from different jerkys to coffees to beers or activities.

Beard King – This is an Amazon bestseller that I’ve seen RAVED about on Instagram by men who swear they’re the bees knees. I mean, I don’t have a beard so…I don’t get it. 😉 BUT, I do get the frustration of random hair or whatever in your sink or on your bathroom counter, and ain’t nobody got time – so if this fixes that, I’m game.

23and me I gifted J a DNA ancestry kit for his last birthday and he thought it was so cool. Perfect if you don’t know your full genetic makeup or are just curious – and turns out, he’s distant cousins with my best friend’s husband. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

Which Father’s Day gift idea is your favorite?

What are you getting your own dad or father figure in your life this year?