How to Master Networking as a Blogger

How was your Valentines Day, ladies? We spent ours in sweats spending time with our fiances, binge-watching television and eating chocolate from the box like it was Galentines Day all over again. We would say we’re still finishing up our salted dark chocolate caramels, but lesbehonest we finished those by like Tuesday #sorrynotsorry.

Last post, we discussed the do’s and dont’s of blog networking. Today we’re giving you ideas to put all the do’s into action, because they always say focus on the positive, right? We asked our blogfriends to chime in with what has worked best for them, so you can really make the most out of the connections you make in the blog world.

How to master networking as a blogger - on Coming Up Roses


1. Guest post on other blogs.

Sabina from Victim to Charm says, “Doing guest posts on each other’s blogs is a great way to give each other exposure!” Guest posting can be a great way to reach a new audience and get your name out there. Do it strategically, and only guest post on blogs that are similarly branded to yours. (So if you blog about food, don’t guest on a beauty blog. People who regularly digest beauty tutorials might not want to see gluten-free muffin recipes over liquid eyeliner reviews.)

And just like we advised in the do’s and dont’s, just make sure any guest posters you feature on your blog align with your own brand and standards, and that you’re proud to put your name on any site on which you appear.

2. Share other bloggers’ work.

We all know that “I like your sweater” is a classic conversation starter…what girl isn’t going to respond positively to that? Take that into the blog world and compliment blogs – and bloggers – you love by sharing their work, whether it’s on your Twitter, your personal Facebook page, your blog Facebook page, or even on your own blog. Showing a blogger some genuine love can start a conversation, which could lead to f-r-i-e-n-d-s-h-i-p.

In the words of Julia from xfallenmoon, “The best thing someone did to blog network with me was share my articles on their social media or in a roundup on their blog. I gladly returned the favor and it started a wonderful friendship.”

3. Host a networking event of your own!

Pam of Hodge Podge Moments started her own monthly blogger networking event, called #bloggerPJparty, which happen every month on a different social media platform and engages all types of bloggers on the most personal and down-to-earth level: in our PJ’s.

4. Treat “blog friends” like real friends and that’s what they’ll become.

The way to come outta this thing with real cohorts instead of just a bunch of contacts and email addresses is to treat people the way you treat your besties. Obviously this can’t be done for everyone, since your besties already get alot of your time and ain’t nobody got time for 52 more besties from the blogosphere. Oh, and you’ve never met them in real life either nbd. But if you have a select few bloggers who you routinely connect with and consistently read, don’t be afraid to get more personal and chatty. It could lead to IRL meet-ups later on, or at least Skype chats, which can be just as fun. Or it could lead to…

5. Send care packages just because.

One day I arrived at my parent’s house to an unexpected package; Tiffany from Endless Bliss had spontaneously shipped me a bunch of goodies from a TJ Maxx excursion (some of which I mention here). We’ve yet to meet IRL (but they sure as heck plan on it!), but we talk often and are always supporters of each other’s blog and vlog adventures. There may or may not be a package to Tiff en route as I type this. Congratulatory engagement goodies are being shipped back and forth between me and my friend Mary of Eat, Drink & Be Mary. It’s a matter of knowing your blog friends as if they’re IRL friends. If you’re sales shopping and see a nail polish or inspirational notebook that your blog bestie would love, don’t shy away from picking it up and sending it along. You’ll probably make her day!

Has anyone ever done something exceptional to network with you? What was it? Have you ever tried any of the things above?

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