11 Go-To Lip Colors for Spring

Hey guys – happy HUMP! We’ve hit the midweek…and it doesn’t even FEEL like it. J + I took an early date night last night to see the new Avengers movie – have ya seen it yet??? I didn’t have the highest hopes since it seemed like it would just be a hodge podge of 52 superheroes jampacked in one movie together for endless action and blowing things up. Aaaaaaand…that’s kinda sorta exactly what it was, but somehow it worked. And we got Chick-fil-A and had popcorn and Sour Patch Watermelon and it was just great. 🙂

Now today’s post…pucker up. One of the most commonly asked Q’s I get on Instastories is “What lip color is that????” whenever I’m wearing something on my lips. And mascara + lippy are the two things I need on 24/7 lest I feel naked as a mole rat. Enter, my 11 go-to spring lip colors that I’ve got on repeat.

I’ve been finding myself reaching for some of the same shades this spring already – some the exact same product, and some just the same color family. My spring lip colors are pretty much in the following categories: nudes, reds, pinks, corals. Everything is lightened up compared to fall’s deeper burgundies and darker hues.

11 Go-To Lip Colors for Spring - My Favorite Lipsticks, Liquid Lips, & Lipglosses for the Season!

11 Go-To Lip Colors for Spring - My Favorite Lipsticks, Liquid Lips, & Lipglosses for the Season!

11 Go-To Lip Colors for Spring - My Favorite Lipsticks, Liquid Lips, & Lipglosses for the Season!

Also, I HAVE to tell you guys about these roses – they’re supposed to last a full year! My friends at Saaya Rose sent me a few with a note so that you guys can get a Mother’s Day discount if you wanna get yo’ mama flowers that won’t die in a week. 😉 Just drop code MOM at checkout for 20% off! If ya think about it, spending $8 a week on a bouquet of roses from Trader Joe’s ends up being $416 in a year spent on flowers – insane. This ends up saving you so much money, and they legit last!!!



All of my spring nudes are more mauvey-nudes than nude-nudes. I’ve always been a fan of some COLOR on my lips – maybe because my Nana always preached that? Ha! So I have a hard time wearing a straight-up nude nude. My preference is always more of a pinky nude or mauvey nude, so that’s what I’m workin’ with this spring.

  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Baci – This is a beauuuuutiful liquid lippy that really lasts all day. It’s got bluer-undertones, so it’s really flattering on + makes your teeth look whiter. Really obsessed with the formula – it’s got almost 5 full stars on Sephora’s website, so you know it’s a goody!
  • Urban Decay Comfort Matte Lipstick in “Backtalk – One of my favorite nude shades ever. You already know my thoughts on the new Urban Decay Backtalk palette, so it should be no surprise that the OG Backtalk lippy is one I lovelovelove. Besides the color being perf, it’s also a reaaaaally hydrating formula; my mom actually uses it as a lip BALM because of how moisturizing it is!
  • MAC x Patrick Starr Lipstick in “She Better Werrrk” – This is like the epitome of spring lip colors when it comes to nudes. It’s not too nude – it’s just the prettiest everyday shade with a *hint* of pink to it. Matches every single spring color in your closet, and goes with any other makeup combo!
  • Pixi by Petra MatteLast Liquid Lip in “Really Rose” – The formula of this liquid lip is seriously impressive, especially for a drugstore brand! It goes on incredibly smoothly, and it really does live up to the name “MatteLast” – it dries matte, and it ~lasts~. I’ve been impressed with every single color I’ve tried so far! It’s not drying, either, which is a big win in the matte liquid lipstick category.

11 Go-To Lip Colors for Spring - My Favorite Lipsticks, Liquid Lips, & Lipglosses for the Season!

L to R: Baci, Really Rose, She Better Werrrk, Backtalk



My spring reds aren’t a true red, since that feels too patriotic or holiday-chic for the season. Inrstead, I opt for berry-toned reds, or a more coral red.

  • MAC Matte Lipstick in “Lady Danger” My favorite orangy-red. It’s not too orange that it makes your teeth look yellow (ew) – it’s just the perfect off-red for a fiesta-ready pucker. MAC’s matte formulas have always been one of my faves because it lasts. all. day. Save 15% with code FRIEND.
  • MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in “Russian Red – A beauuuuuutiful bluish-red. SUPER similar, I think, to Ruby Woo (my alltime fave), but with just that slightly more berry tone than true red. Save 15% with code FRIEND.

11 Go-To Lip Colors for Spring - My Favorite Lipsticks, Liquid Lips, & Lipglosses for the Season!

L to R: Lady Danger, Russian Red



The queens of all spring lip colors are pinks – I think that’s just a given amiright? Regardless of the shade of pink, we all think pink this time of year, from our closet to our makeup vanity. My favorite pinks right now…

  • Covergirl Melting Pout Gel Liquid Lipstick in “110 Evan-Gel-ical” I am OBSESSED with this formula! A “gel liquid lipstick” is really the perfect descriptions, because it lasts more like a liquid lippy but applies like gel. It feels so good on your lips! I picked this up on a whim at the drugstore and was so pleasantly surprised, I’m going back to buy it in more colors! Currently they’re Buy 2, Get 1 FREE at Ulta online – It’s linked for ya!
  • Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High-Shine Lipstick in “Love you Long Time” This was a newer formula find of mine that I picked up on sale at Ulta on a whim, and I’m so glad I did. The color payoff is BOMBdotcom. This pink is just such a punchy pop for spring. On sale from $21 down to $10!!!!
  • Laqa & Co. Cloud Lips in “Cherub” – This is a really fluffy-feeling, moisturizing lipstick in the prettiest pop of power pink for everyday, which I lovelovelove. It’s formulated with avocado oil, so it’s super hydrating and goodforyou! Also vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free.

11 Go-To Lip Colors for Spring - My Favorite Lipsticks, Liquid Lips, & Lipglosses for the Season!

L to R: Love you Long Time, Cherub, Evan-Gel-Ical



Corals are other spring lip colors often passed over until summer, I think, but deserving just as much spotlight in spring! Coral screams warmer weather + sunshine, so who the heck wouldn’t want that?!

11 Go-To Lip Colors for Spring - My Favorite Lipsticks, Liquid Lips, & Lipglosses for the Season!

L to R: Snitch, Tempting


What spring lip colors are your favorite this season?

Will you be picking up any of my faves to try? And are you more of a nude, pink, red, or coral girl this time of year??? I wanna know! AND AND AND if you’ve got a fave that I didn’t mention above, pleasepleaseplease let me know in a comment below – girlfriend’s always on the hunt for new favorites. 😉

P.S. ICYMI, here are other spring makeup favorites to round out your makeup bag this season!

Happy HUMP – thanks for reading, happy shopping, and hope your week is going GREAT.

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