Happy SUMMER – officially! If you’ve been here for a hot second, you might remember the days when I was routinely curating + sharing playlists on CUR (like this one, this one, this one, etc)…it was so fun. Really, the only reason I stopped actively making them was because my Spotify account was getting v cluttered – ha! But in chatting with some besties recently, I was reminded of the fact that one of my most special skills in this life is making playlists. Truly. Some people have the gift of Olympian athleticism, others have the gift of artistic talent – I have been #blessed by the Lord with the gift of musical curation. I swear I can make a playlist for any day, any time to please the ages, and I am OWNING IT. And it was high time for a summer playlist to ring in the season + sunshine.

This summer playlist already has nearly 4 hours worth of jams – some of the more “jammy jam” variety (aka, faster, hyped songs for summer) while others are slower summer jams and still others are just classic bops. The songs are somewhat intentionally ordered, too, in the hopes of taking you on an auditory musical journey – ha! I’ll be continuously adding to it throughout the summer, so feel free to follow it or save it on your own Spotify and listen wherever whenever. 🙂


Alternatively, to open the summer playlist link in a new tab for a web browser, here it is!

What’s on your summer playlist?

Anything I should add to this one?