2018 SWIMSUIT ROUNDUP – 50+ Swimsuits Under $50

Who’s ready for a pool party?! THIS GIRL. If you’re joining me, bring the margarita mix + trashy tabloids. 😉 We’re keepin’ it short n’ sweet today, because it’s Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday! I’ve had this post on the calendar for weeks, because summer. And my best friend Taylor and I are the same person basically, because she blogged about affordable swimmies this week, too – so give her some lovelovelove! Today, we’re taking our clothes off…and putting on all of the cute swimsuits under $50 that we can find. 😉

Swimsuit shopping can be a total pain in the you-know-where sometimes. First off, who the heck wants to go into a dark, crowded, slightly smelly dressing room and get naked? Not I. Second, who the heck wants to play the guessing game of “Will this top cover my nipples? Have I gained 5 pounds?” NOT I. It’s not really a *fun* game for a lot of us, so sistah, I feel your pain. And on top of that, some brands are charging $100+ for a piece of fabric that barely covers your bum. I’m sorry…what? I’d almost rather wear my 5 for $28 Victoria’s Secret panties (*said in my best British accent*) straight up into the pool, than spend $150 on a barely-there bikini bottom.

SO. Today, we’re making swimsuit season a wee bit easier for you babes. With well over 50 swimsuits under $50. Because ain’t nobody got time for the big bucks – also because buying more than one is fun. 😉 I’ve broken ’em down into one piece + two piece, so that you can search for your preference. Quite a few of these I have myself, and others are from the retailers that I personally shop from for swimsuits under $50, like, all the time. So these are my go-to places when I’m in need of a new suit, and I hope they work for you, too!



Philadelphia style blogger, Erica of Coming up Roses, is sharing over 50 swimsuits under $50 for the summer season (both one piece AND two piece!). Bookmark to shop later!



Philadelphia style blogger, Erica of Coming up Roses, has rounded up over 50 swimsuits under $50 for the summer season (both one AND two piece options!). Save to shop later!


Do you prefer swimsuits under $50 , or do you shop whatever floats your boat?

When you’re swimsuit shopping, is price or fit more important if you HAD to choose?

P.S. If you’ve got a fun getaway already on your calendar, here are my 10 travel-size product essentials that I can’t travel without!

P.P.S. Any fun weekend plans??? Hope you’ll be poolside…

P.P.P.S. Have a GREAT day.

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