26 Things Worth Buying that will Change your Life Most Dramatically

I know, I know…what a dramatic post title, amiright? But you guys. I’m being serious. These things are a.) 100% worth buying, and b.) will actually change your life. Of course, I’m not talkin’ change-your-life the way a million bucks might. I’m just talkin’ change-your-everyday-life, in a way that adds more joy on a seriously significant degree.

Now, I’m not one for recommending shopping 24/7. Hopefully y’all get that at this point. I try reaaaaaally hard to have a diverse enough batch of content around these rosy parts, so it’s never just a shop ’til ya drop mentality. We talk about getting organized and date nights and slaying your Goliath, so there’s obvi more to life than consumerism.

I’ve also never been one for minimalism. Not because I don’t think it’s good – I DO. I’m just so bad at it myself. Ha!

I got the idea for this post after seeing a similar, smaller roundup from the Cupcakes & Cashmere team – and it got me thinking.

And looking.

Specifically, looking through my house, closet, drawers, cabinets, and EVERYWHERE ELSE to find the best of the best things that I use every single day, or enough to be able to wholeheartedly recommend as totally worthwhile.

I can see clearly now - Holiday Style with Zenni Optical

(Looks just like J Crew’s $300+ coat – currently on sale from $228 to $149!) //  // (Personal favorites! Only $39.95 AND BOGO 50% right now!) // (c/o) // Glasses // (From the drugstore! Shade: Rio de Janeiro)


  1. Good jeans. I mean, the right pair of pants can make ya feel like a MILLION bucks. The difference between bad jeans and good jeans is like that of Jupiter and Pluto. Heck, poor Pluto wasn’t even deemed worthy to be considered a planet anymore. So bad jeans aren’t deemed worthy to be in your closet anymore. 😉 ( is my favorite retailer for affordable denim!)
  2. A Popsocket/Loopycase. Solving every case of %#*&-I-dropped-my-phone-on-my-face-again, one bedtime phone scroll at a time.
  3. A Himalayan salt lamp. Apparently, they send negative ions into the air, which work to reduce stress, improve concentration, + better your overall performance by increasing bloodflow to the brain. I mean, sign a sistah up. (I have ours near Olivia’s crib, as a sortof nightlight!)
  4. Good strapless bra. Ain’t nobody got time for a bra around your belly button instead of your boobs. I mean, #BeenThereDoneThat.
  5. Good nude bra. You should be able to wear ANY white/off-white top without seeing through! is one of my all-time personal favorites – it’s currently on sale for $24.35!!!!
  6. Curling wand. One of my most FAQ on Instastories especially is what I use to curl my hair, and more often than not, this is it. I have a few wands that do the trick, but I’m just attached to this one since it works every single time the exact same way I want. Fuss free + fast.
  7. Heat protectant/hairspray mix. This is a total GAMECHANGER ALERT, yo! My two all-times favorites are + . Both do esesntially the exact same thing. A light hold + heat protectant in one. Perf if you don’t want to be weight down by too much product, especially if/when you’re trying to make a style last through a few days!
  8. Dry shampoo. Y’all know my dry shampoo addiction is real. I use it slightly less than I use oxygen. I reviewed a bunch (for better or worse) here.
  9. Texturizing spray. Texturing spray + volumizing spray are a tie, TBH. Texturizing spray is what I’ll spritz on day-after hair for a beachy vibe, while a good volumizing spray works *wonders* in adding – you guessed it! – more volume my favorite texturizer, + my favorite volumizer!
  10. Glass Pyrex containers. Freeze ’em! Heat ’em! Store ’em! What CAN’T you do with Pyrex? a 24-piece set.
  11. Fluffy white towels. Because there is nothing better after a long day than a long, hot shower. And if said shower is followed by the fluffiest white towels – bazinga. Bonus points for tossing them in the dryer for a hot sec first.
  12. Good black leggings. You know ’em, you lovelovelove ’em, you wear ’em on repeat. The black legging! Now, good black leggings differ depending on the occasion (example: casual wear on a random Tuesday, versus your next pilates workout). More on those differences to come. 😉 But for now, some of my all-time favorites (that are worth every penny, really) are and Lululemon’s Align pant.
  13. Good white t-shirt. Here are the best of the best.
  14. Portable charger. I mean, I’m a blogger. Can’t live without one. This brand is my personal fave!
  15. A Yeti. J just about lost his marbles when I gifted him one for Christmas this year. These things are MAGICAL. They say unicorns are magical, but they forgot that the yeti holds the power here, people. Hot or cold, whenever wherever (cue Shakira), it keeps its temp as such as when you poured it in. No jokes, folks. Straight up witchcraft.
  16. Shower mist spray. A total little luxury. We first discovered this on a press trip together, and I admittedly thought J was nuts for wanting to drop $40 on a “showerspa mist.” But we did, and we’re hooked. ONE spritz is all you need (anything more is too overpowering), and WAM BAM – you’ve got yourself a spa. In your shower. This is the brand we have, but they have similar kinds on Amazon!
  17. No show socks… *that don’t slip. That’s the kicker! I recently Marie Kondo’ed my life and threw out so many socks that made that horrifying crinkling sound of dried out elastic upon putting them on. I mean, COME ON, E. Socks from the 8th grade?! Who in their right mind? Invest in some ~quality~ no show socks that don’t slip off the backs of your feet.
  18. Good pens. It just gives ya that feel good feeling when writing. Heck, might even inspire more handwritten Thank You notes?
  19. Or any little device for mechanical exfoliation. This is a *gamechanger* in your skincare routine, since oftentimes, we don’t even KNOW how much isn’t really getting cleansed. I manually/mechanically exfoliate on any heavier makeup day, to ensure everything is actually coming off! (Pro tip to see how much is – or isn’t – getting cleaned effectively: After “cleaning” with just your facewash + water, dampen a cotton pad with a clear toner or chemical exfolifant. If the pad turns the color of your foundation…you weren’t fully cleaned!)
  20. Collagen. If you’ve seen collagen this and that popping up everywhere, it’s for good reason – collagen is the most popular protein in your body. So supplementing it helps with everything from easing joint pain to preventing skin aging. This is tasteless and can go in your fave smoothie, coffee, whatever!
  21. Wine decanter. The quickest way to seem classy AF at your next house party is to decant your wine before serving. It aerates it, which helps improve the flavor overall.
  22. Good skincare. Y’all know by now that I’m a sucker for good skincare. Your skin is your biggest organ, and you’ve only got one. So it’s well worth the investment! Just search “skincare” in my search bar and you’ll find SO MANY POSTS, from seasonal routines to specific line reviews! Personal favorite skincare brands include Tula, Olay, Colleen Rothschild, Paula’s Choice, Mario Badescu, + more.
  23. The ultimate goal-planning workbook from Cultivate What Matters. Essentially, an entire planner dedicated solely to figuring out + effectively planning your goals.
  24. Barefoot Dreams. Anything will do. 😉 Seriously, the most luxe, cozy brand that’s 100% worth the investment. Also makes a FABULOUS giftable.
  25. Milk frother. The best 7 bucks you’ll spend this week. Totally transforms your basic morning brew into a cafe-worthy latte with one whip!
  26. Heated blanket. Actually life changing. You know that feeling of wanting/needing to be all warm n’ cozy, crawling into bed at night…and feeling cold sheets? A heated blanket eliminates the chill factor, so you crawl into COZY. I turn ours on about a half hour before bedtime each night, and then turn it off when we actually get into bed so that we don’t totally overheat during the night.


What do YOU think is worth buying that will change your life most dramatically?

Do you already have any of the above yourself? Would you agree – totally life-changing-worthy? If you have some that aren’t on this list already, leave a comment below to let me know!

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