Top 10 Amazon Bestsellers of June

Happy July! It’s Katie popping in with a review of the top 10 Amazon bestsellers from the past month…because I have ordered almost all of these items on Erica’s recommendations. I really don’t think she’s ever steered me wrong as you can see my past reviews on some other recommended purchases before here and here

1.) No show socks

Erica does not lie when she tells you these are the BEST no show socks ever. I ordered these right before we went to Disney World back in May, and I was thoroughly impressed. I have so much trouble finding no show socks that tick all the boxes: doesn’t slip off my ankle, doesn’t compress my toes, and are made of high quality material (or at least socks that won’t have holes after one wear…).

2.) Wireless bra

Love these bras for a comfy, everyday sort of wear. I bought these off Erica’s recommendations shortly after I had my son – they were amazing for wearing postpartum! I might suggest sizing down one.

3.) Slippers

Yup, another win on a recommendation from Erica! I really didn’t think I could love another slipper as much as I love my UGG Scuffette’s, but here we are. I grab these more than my UGG slippers as they are warmer, more supportive with a memory foam like sole, + most importantly, they don’t fly off my feet.

4.) Gucci belt dupe

Erica: Save several hundred dollars and get a very similar look with this double ring belt. So many of the Gucci belt look for less options tend to disappear left and right, but these have stuck around! It’s a classic look to elevate your outfit 🙂

5.) Bottega dupe sunnies

Erica: Another great designer look for less. The designer sunglasses are a little under $400 whereas these are just $15! They’re comfortable and SO chic…I feel approximately 10x cooler than I really am wearing them. Total badass glasses.

6.) Mangopop bodysuit

I was VERY skeptical about this. It is absurdly difficult for me to find one-piece swimsuits, bodysuits, and the like that will fit my longer torso. Usually, I get stuck in that dilemma where one size is just a bit too small, but the next size up is way too big. Erica had ordered this bodysuit for me for a fun reel we did together a few months ago and my mind was BLOWN. It’s super stretchy, softer than anticipated for such an affordable find, AND full-coverage booty 🙂 I’m planning on ordering a few more!

7.) Black with mesh one piece swimsuit (daily deal)

I have this swimsuit in this color/variation. Size up for a longer torso! Perfect swimsuit for chasing littles around because it doesn’t slip around – and it’s a full coverage booty! Highly recommend.

8.) Self tanner

AHHHH. This. self. tanner. is. LIFE. I really could leave it at that, but I’ll elaborate. It’s not stinky. It doesn’t streak. It doesn’t settle in my pores making it look like I’ve got like a billion blackheads (does anyone else have that issue with self tanners??). It does not transfer/rub off onto your clothes or sheets or what-have-you. I don’t always get a ton of time for self-care or to take the extra time to pamper myself so the fact that I can easily throw this on after a shower in under 10 minutes is phenomenal.

9.) Miss Mess stain remover

Another Disney trip order, but I haven’t used it yet! Somehow, my 21-month old boy did not get one single stain on his clothes…Disney magic, I guess, ha! Once I do, I’ll come back and give my thoughts 🙂 I have seen Erica do what can only be described as a miracle with what I think was a spaghetti sauce stain on one of Liv’s dresses. It was just…gone.

10.) Downy Bliss beads

I cannot imagine doing my laundry without this ever again. I am ruined (thanks, E). And I definitely look weird with how often I’m sniffing my clothes while out and about cause it just smells THAT. DANG. GOOD.