Happy WEEKEND! AH! Do you feel good, or do you feel GOOD? I’m feelin’ good. ICYMI, we announced yesterday that the long-helf series on CUR, Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove, has now been broken in two: Monthly Favorites at the end of every month per usual, with 10 things I lovelovelove, and then weekly Weekend Reading posts every Saturday. It’s super short n’ sweet, with 15 links I lovelovelove that I think you’ll lovelovelove, too. So, let’s hop right in!

  1. The 11 Non-Negotiable Reasons Why you Need to Pay Influencers for Coverage
  2. Take this 52-week money challenge and ~easily~ save about $1,400
  3. How to make ice cream cone cupcakes (YUM)
  4. This is a super epic museum of old websites to your favorite stores + brands
  5. Behind-the-scenes of the making of a smash hit: See what went into “The Middle”
  6. What we should have learned in school but never did
  7. On pursuing your passions or something like that.
  8. How to get frequent flier perks without actually being one.
  9. 10 habits of mentally strong people. (Perfect follow up to this post from CUR, ICYMI!)
  10. How to support a grieving friend.
  11. The yummiest looking summer peach sangria!
  12. Important life lessons we learned from Kate Spade.
  13. Making lemonade from the lemons in my cute lil’ lemon skirt (as seen in this blog post from the week!) – still on sale for $20.98!
  14. This dress will be my summer uniform. Yes, got it in every color.
  15. Need summer wedges? These are 40% off, come in black AND caramel suede, and are hella cute.

Happy weekend reading!

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