What a WEEKEND. J, my brother and I went to the 21 Pilots tour last night which means I was up waaaay past my bedtime. đŸ˜‰ Now Michael and I are en route to the Big Apple to see a show as we do in gifting each other anymore (which, side note, might be my favorite tradition ever). If you ever need a gift that keeps on giving, doing a fun tradition that you can change up each time is SO fun and special – and it’s something we always look forward to experiencing together now! Now onto some #WeekendReading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 106 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Here are all 43 original movies Netflix is releasing before end of year…
  2. Lovelovelove these healthy toast topping ideas
  3. HEY BOO – not one for Halloween decor, but obsessed with this throw pillow
  4. Are you ready for MIDNIGHTS?!
  5. With family photo season almost here, my girlfriend Elly has great tips!
  6. This $28 bestselling pullover will sell out *fast* 
  7. This student is raising money to help adopt the little boy he found in the trash in Haiti
  8. 22 people share what makes them feel most creative
  9. This Amazon timer has singlehandedly changed the game for task switching with Olivia!
  10. Apparently these are the best places to travel in September!
  11. Easy Mean Girls Halloween costumes – lovelovelove
  12. Want the Stoney Clover look for less? (yes, absolutely yes)
  13. The best spas in Europe – noted!
  14. Def trying this easy calzone recipe 
  15. Basically, all of Target is on sale. Bless up.

Happy weekend reading!