What’s a BLISS LIST + what’s on mine!

TGIF friends – we did it! We’ve completed the first full week of the brand spankin’ new year. Cue the scene in Elf…

YOU DID IT!!!! Congratulations. First week of 2022. Great job everybody! It’s great to be here.

The next few weeks of CUR content are loaded with tips + tricks to really set us all up for success. Even though I’m much more in the mindset that each new day bears great opportunity for re-do’s and that the new year doesn’t need all of the pressure we put on it for change, I’m also a sucker for new starts and fresh beginnings, and this is undeniably that. Especially in the last few months of last year, I think I got even stricter with some of my boundaries and more specific with intentions, so that I could honestly say and feel like I was living a deliberate life. Like even though nothing was perfect, it was at least on purpose.

Carrying that feeling into 2022 is most definitely the goal, and I’ve found a big personal takeaway to be being crystal clear on what brings me bliss.

Maybe this isn’t a problem for you and you’ve got a handful of things on hand at any given moment for extra happy in your life – and if that’s you, you go Glen Coco!

I just realized that sometimes, I was feeling less-than-blissful…and I needed something right there to remind me of a few easy ways to find (or create) my bliss STAT.

Enter, my Bliss List.

But E, what’s a Bliss List???

A Bliss List is a list of things, people, experiences, places that bring you bliss. Importantly, they’re easily if not instantly accessible, so that you can realistically work them into any given day that needs a bit of bliss (ie, while a tropical vacation would likely bring us all ALL THE BLISS, it can’t quite make the Bliss list cut – sorry, Cancun). The whole point + purpose of a Bliss List is to add more joy whenever/wherever it’s needed most. 

What's a BLISS LIST + what's on mine! - on Coming Up Roses

Log off/Disconnect

Know thyself. At first glance, being on social media for my job might seem like I lovelovelove, well, social media. And sometimes, I do. But many times, I don’t. I actually *hate* just mindlessly scrolling my Instagram feed, and I know it does the complete opposite of bring me bliss. It actually takes AWAY my bliss and typically leaves me feeling drained, anxious, or like I’m not doing enough in my own life with my own people – which is simply not true.

So, personally, logging OFF, shutting down, and totally disconnecting from social media brings me bliss. It re-sparks my creativity, inspires my motivation, and just generally gets me in a better mood than when my phone is an extension of my arm. 😉


My BADA$$ Playlist + go-to songs…

If there are three things I am exceptionally good at making, they are making day trip itineraries, quick poems or raps on the spot, and freaking good playlists. I’d say my BADA$$ Playlist is no exception – it’s really freaking good. Feel free to follow it/save it on Spotify and listen anytime.

But ALSO – have a go-to song that you KNOW always boosts your mood. Some of mine include:

  • Sing – Pentatonix
  • All I Think About is You – Ansel Elgort
  • Hero – Afrojack and David Guetta
  • Right Back Where we Started From – Maxine Nightingale


Sniff this + use this!

Scent is a POWERFUL sense, my friends. It’s most closely connected to memory, so you can actually create blissful moments for yourself by manipulating the sense of smell. Wild, amiright? One of my girlfriends, Beth, created an incredible candle company this past year to specifically hit this; they’re positive affirmation candles that were specifically poured with certain scents that have been scientifically proven to target certain feelings, emotions, etc. In using the candles alongside your daily mindset practice or journaling, or heck, even just in keeping them at your desk space, your brain ends up associating that smell with that specific positive feeling and it can be subconsciously boosted whenever you smell it. IS THAT NOT SO COOL. (She’s going to be on THRIVE next week, so stay tuned – and I think code ERICA15 will get you 15% off a candle now, which is the biggest discount she’s ever done! Support her small biz!!!)

I also keep these drops at my desk, and this rollerball, and smell them always. The drops are called “morning expert wake-up drops” and are a pepperminty blend that instantly perks you up in the best possible way. Then the rollerball is calming; both are 100% pure essential oils and formulated to literally add bliss, be that via a happier wake up experience or via added calm. Yes please.

I ALSO keep these Daily Drops at my desk. I’ve been using Equilibria CBD for over a year at this point; the Daily Drops is what I personally use most consistently + frequently. They’re best for fast-acting results since they kick in within 10-30 minutes and last for 4-6 hours. The dropper can hold about 10 mg CBD, so it’s just enough to help increase your sense of calm and balance and lessen anxiety in a very natural, healthy way. CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system to help regular mood/stress levels, manage inflammation, and increase focus in time (it takes about 3 months to see best results since your system needs to “adjust” to CBD and react accordingly). Equilibria is the only CBD brand I personally take/trust because they’re such an incredible company (+ woman-owned!). I like the Drops at my desk for quick moments of relief if I’m dealing with something stressful for work, but I have girlfriends who keep them at their bedside to relax better before bedtime – it’s really up to you.

ANY Equilibria purchase also gets you a call (or live chat online) with one of their dosage specialists, which I soooo appreciate since I lovelovelove education and don’t like taking random supplements or things without knowing all the things. My own call was what was actually most helpful for me, because my specialist got to know my daily routine and changed up my product recommendation accordingly (I had been taking softgels in morning, drops at night and she totally flip flopped it, which worked so much better for my body). 

ALSO – this is totally NOT sponsored – but their annual subscription sale happens to be happening right now, and since it’s their biggest + best sale of the year, figured I’d share again here in case you’ve been considering trying it. Since you have to commit to at least 3 months before really seeing how much CBD helps your own body anyway, subscribing really gives you the best bang for your buck; right now you can get literally HALF OFF your first month and 20% off every month after that, AND this sale locks in that discount for you for life. You just HAVE to use code ERICALIGENZA50 to get the 50% off the first month! If you lovelovelove it (which I think you will!), you’ll get the discount on anything you purchase forever after that – and if you decide it’s not for you, no problemo, you can cancel it anytime, no questions asked, no charge. You can also hit PAUSE on your subscription at any point if you are just taking a break from it, and re-start back up whenever. SO. Didn’t mean to get into writing a CBD book here, but hopefully it helps you the way it’s helped me!


Comfort shows + movies

I literally have a list of go-to entertainment that I KNOW puts me in a great mood. I could watch them at anytime, they never get old, and they never fail to lift my spirits. Some of my comfort movies + shows:

  • Legally Blonde
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Pretty Woman
  • National Treasure (don’t laugh, it’s a true treasure)
  • The Office
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Bridgerton
  • Ted Lasso
  • Virgin River


Put on something happy

That might be a favorite piece of clothing, a favorite fragrance, a favorite lip gloss – anything that makes you feel HAPPIER immediately. Since smiley faces are trending, that happy might literally be happy – these slippers do the trick. 😉

Do a 10-minute Tidy

If my mind feels cluttered and chaotic, my space around me is likely going to mirror that. So interrupting my current activity with a timed tidy can work wonders for making me feel calmer and more collected quickly. I’ll literally just set a timer and pick a room, and put away anything that isn’t in its proper place. If I come across something in doing so that doesn’t actually bring me bliss, I’ll Marie Kondo that outta there to allow space for only that which brings joy. 🙂

While you’re at it, throw in a load of laundry with this stuff and TELL ME IT DOESN’T BRING BLISS. It’s literally its name. Bring on the bliss.


A yummy treat!

Really, this can be anything that is a treat to you and brings ya bliss, since that is, in fact, the whole point. Stopping for a Starbucks, picking up a chocolate croissant, or just enjoying a chocolate with your afternoon coffeee…enter, bliss. HIGHLY recommend these sea salted chocolates for EXTREME bliss – you’ve been warned. 😉


What’s on your Bliss List?

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