The Very Best No Show Socks on Planet Earth

If you’re a regular reader here at CUR, this post and/or product will come as no surprise to you – they’re the no show socks whose praises I’ve sung for literal years at this point. But I get it – we’re all busy and on different budgets, and maybe you’ve seen them once or twice without pulling the trigger; friend, today is your day. I wanted to give these no show socks a permanent place on the blog to refer back to whenever, because they’re the only ones I wear now – I’ve thrown out all others, and I think you’ll end doing the same.

No show socks can be a real love-hate basic. Typically, they’re not known for being the most comfortable – if anything, they’re probably more renowned for being a total pain-in-the-a$$ that slips underneath your foot while you’re walking, causing you to stop to readjust your shoe and pull up the sock and the whole nine yards before continuing onward with your life. 

Ain’t nobody got TIME.

So, friend, enter the greatest no show socks on planet Earth. I say this with confidence having tried what feels like every other pair out there – these are it. 

The BEST No Show Socks on Planet Earth - an Amazon find!

With nearly 11,000 Amazon reviews they hold a solid 4.7/5-star rating. They’re a 5/5 in my book – here’s why:

  • They don’t slip. First and foremost, the most important factor at play here – they don’t slip. They don’t budge. No sliding down under your foot into your shoe – because that’s the most annoying thing – none, nada. No slippage whatsoever. They stay put thanks to little silicone strips on the back heel that gently hold their place. Read those 10,000+ reviews and they’ll echo this same spiel – THEY DON’T SLIP, BABY.
  • They sit at the perfect place. Some no show socks sit right past your toe line (toe line? Is that a thing? Like, where your toes start…haha). These 
  • The seams don’t rub or dig into your feet. We all know the kind – where the seam is so thick that you’ve got IMPRINTS when you take your shoes off, and your foot may or may not even be slightly numb from the pain? IYKYK – no bueno.
  • They don’t constrict your toes. I’ve had many other no show socks that feel SO DANG TIGHT at the toes – maybe because they figure the tighter the sock, the less the slippage? IDK. Whatever they think, it doesn’t really work anyway – it just makes you take your socks off with your bra at the end of the day and sigh big sighs of relief all around.

No blisters, no pain, no problems…no complaints. These no show socks do the Lord’s work and keep your feet comfy with the no show sock effect you’re going for, and I 100% recommend. I’d say they do run on the thinner side, but not so thin that they’re uncomfortable – they’re much more breathable than thicker options I’ve tried, and it allows for that “perfect fit” feel in your shoe.

I order the size 7-7.5 and typically am a shoe size 7.5. What’s neat, too, is that you can order different color combos in your pack with varying neutrals, whether you prefer black, white, grey, light tan, or any combination of any of the above – there’s an option for you.

These are lower cut sneakers – the $15 Nike Air One alternatives with memory foam soles that I keep raving about! – and you’ll see just a peek of the sock sides if you rock your ankle. With regular athletic sneakers, you don’t see a thing!


This might be the single weirdest blog post to ever grace CUR, but HEY – if you find your new favorite no show socks because of it, you’re welcome. đŸ˜‰

Have you tried these no show socks yet? Do you have a different favorite that you ride or die by?

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