Gift Guide: For your Parents, In-Laws, & Grandparents

Another GIFT GUIDE is here, with some of the HOTTEST requests – gift ideas for your parents, gifts for grandparents, AND gifts for in-laws. Namely, we’re talking YOUR parents – not newer/”younger” parents that are 20 or 30-something. This is more the Gen X/Boomer generation that can feel oh so hard to shop for, because maybe they already have everything, or maybe the relationship is a special one and needs that *just right* gift under the tree. I truly pride myself on being a bombdotcom gift giver, so this challenge was one I happily accepted – and had so much fun putting together for you. A few of my personal favorite principles when shopping for a parent/in-law/grandparent etc are a.) make it personal whenever possible, be that via a photo, name or other keepsake quality customization, and b.) upgrade an everyday essential to something a bit more luxurious. Especially for the person who has everything, this is a great way to gift them something useful in a more special, meaningful way.

Here’s hoping you find something they’ll lovelovelove from the 30+ gift ideas for parents, gifts for grandparents, and in-law gifts below! Click any image in the collage to shop it. 

  1. Soundwave print – This is SUCH a special, sentimenal gift – one I gifted J for our five year wedding anniversary. I used a wedding photo and made the soundwave a clip of me playing the piano and singing one of our favorite songs, and he can just use his phone to scan the little QR code and hear it anytime. Whether you’re commemorating a mother/son or father/daughter dance and adding the song from YouTube or putting a voicemail clip to a photo of a favorite memory together, it’s SO sweet and made incredibly well. As featured in my small shops gift guide, too!
  2. Custom family portrait – An especially beautiful way to memorialize a family that’s “complete.”
  3. Family stationary – Super unique and also super functional!
  4. Acrylic calendar – We loveloveLOVE our acrylic family calendar and it keeps our entire life in order. From a small shop and made exceptionally well.
  5. Muse red wine glasses – Because it’s always fun to upgrade wine glasses!
  6. Barefoot Dreams blanket – Classic, luxurious, and practical. Great gifts for in-laws you’re wanting to impress!
  7. Blueberry scrub – A fun gift idea for the skincare junkie mother-in-law.
  8. Gold decorative birds – Pretty on their mantle!
  9. Heated massaging pillow – Spoiler alert: may or may not be gifting this to my parents this year. 😉 I have it and it’s GREAT – and you can put it on your car seat for a heated back massage while driving, or on a desk chair at the office, etc!
  10. Digital photo frame – We gifted my Nana & Pop a digital frame a few years back and pre-loaded it with favorite shots of Liv.
  11. Weighted blanket – They help you sleep better, so #YesPlease.
  12. Bocce ball set – Some backyard fun.
  13. Herb garden kit – Cool for the gardener, especially to get a little indoor herb situation going for winter.
  14. Himalayan salt plug-in lamp – Himalayan salt lamps have so many reported benefits, and this little plug-in nightlight is great to get the benefits without taking up space since it just plugs into your electrical outlet!
  15. Portable charger – This is a cool multi-device charger for the techy grandparent.
  16. Shutterfly photo puzzle – This was my favorite gift we gifted my grandparents last year – they loveloveloved it so much that they glued it together once finished and are framing it! I just did 4 photos on it and they come out so crystal clear and beautifully printed on the puzzle.
  17. Equilibria relief balm – If your parent/in-law/grandparent suffers from joint pain, arthritic pain, etc – try Equilibria’s relief balm! It’s a non-greasy, topical CBD balm that works wonders. Code ERICALIGENZA will get you 15% off yours!
  18. Shutterfly calendar – Another winner winner chicken dinner for the photo lover – so that you’ve got memories popping up all year long! It’s practical AND one that lasts until next Christma. 😉
  19. Face mug – THE BEST GIFT. *Everyone* got Liv mugs last year with their respective role (“Olivia’s Mimi,” “Olivia’s Papa,” “Olivia’s Nana,” etc) and it was the biggest hit.
  20. Doormat – For the coolest grandparents on the block. 😉
  21. Waffle bed blanket – Rumor has it this is, like, the most LUXE blanket to keep on your bed during the winter. Definitely great when it comes to gifts for in-laws, too. I might have to splurge for J + I. Strongly considering. Someone talk me out of it. Or don’t, I’m gonna get it anyway because TREAT YO’SELF.
  22. Angels devotional – This top-rated devotional is just beautiful – gifting this to quite a few folks this year!
  23. New Morning Mercies gospel devotional – A gospel-rooted devotional; I believe I have another New Morning Mercies devotional on my own shelf and it’s a *fabulous* one!
  24. Wind chime – Some wind chimes can get annoying quickly depending on the pitch of the chime – this one is not. I gifted my mama this one and she loved so much she hung IN THE HOUSE – ha! It’s a deeper sound and has fantastic reviews – a nice addition to anyone’s front porch.
  25. Mackenzie Childs spoonrest – Totally luxe kitchen upgrade for the mother-in-law who loves to cook.
  26. Monogram hand towels – Another luxe upgrade for an everyday essential – totally classy in a powder bath.
  27. Italian cheesemaking kit – For the folks who love to make things AND love cheese, this kit is a dream.
  28. Soft pretzel baking kit – And if they’re not into cheese but ARE into carbs… 😉
  29. Crosley turntable – If their vintage turntable doesn’t work anymore, or they’ve got some old records in need of some love – a newer turntable can help flood the room with favorite musical memories again.
  30. The Perfect Pot – This bestselling, top-rated pot has seriously solid reviews and does everything from boiling to baking, crisping to steaming. I might need to personally purchase just to see what the hype is all about, because it is HYPED.
  31. Luggage set – For the folks who lovelovelove to travel – upgrade their luggage!
  32. Pour over tea kettle – This tea kettle can self-het on itself – pretty neat!
  33. Wine membership via Winc – When in doubt, wine it out. 😉 You cannot go wrong with a wine membership to taste new varieties for a few months!
  34. Masterclass – If they lovelovelove to learn, a Masterclass gift is unique and SO cool – learn a new skill or hobby from famous celebrities and experts in the field. 

I hope these gifts for in-laws, parents and grandparents are helpful in checking a few folks off your list this year!