20 Fabulous Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Budget (Mother’s Day Gift Guide!)

IDK about your mom, but MY mom is the friggin’ best. She’s the real deal, the bombdotcom, the queen supreme mamacita of the bunch. ICYMI…Mother’s Day is riiiiiiiight around the corner now. As in, this coming weekend. Via quick poll on Instastories, most of you guys said you’re still in need of gift options, so I GOTCHU GIRL. This Mother’s Day gift guide has 20 fabulous Mother’s Day gifts for every budget (ranging from $12 to $500), as well as options for every stage of motherhood. So you’re covered whether you’re shopping for your girlfriend who just had a baby, your big sister who’s got 3 already, your own mama – heck, even your grandma. #covered.

Most (if not all) of the options below you CAN get in time for Sunday still, too. Many of the below are from Shopbop, which offers FREE 3-day shipping (+ free returns), meaning you’ll def have your gift in time for Mother’s Day! #bless. And then others might not be free shipping (dude free shipping should justs be a general requirement when online shopping amiright????), but they’ll still get there on time for the big day. Just make sure you select the appropriate shipping option at checkout, and you’ll be golden.


Everything below is listed right underneath the image as it appears left to right, and then with full details below that in order of pricepoint, so you can shop for mom wherever you’re at right now. Let’s begin! 🙂

20 Fabulous Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Every Budget (Mother's Day Gift Guide!)

L to R: O-key ring // Tula Hydration Heroes gift set (code COMINGUPROSES for 20% off!) // Mama duck pendant necklace // “Mama” script ring // Folle de Joie Fragrance // Tory Burch Miller sandals // Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy // “love” decor // Aromatherapy diffuser // J. Crew striped pajamas // NEST Apricot Tea candle // “Make Mine a Double” travel mug // “The Boss” coffee mug // Julie Vos statement stone necklace // Estee Lauder DoubleWear Foundation // Barefoot Dreams cardigan // Cashmere scarf // KitchenAid mixer // Phone-charging Bangle bracelet


1. Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy – $12

No matter her makeup preferences, every woman loveloveloves a good lip gloss. It’s just a fact. Especially when said gloss is more like a balm, super hydrating + nourishing…yup. She can’t NOT like it. Also, Jaclyn Hill approve of this lip gloss and calls it her all-time fave, so you KNOW it’s good. 😉 It’s clear-colored, coconut-flavored, + petroleum-free, and it’s NOT sticky.

Shipping note: Choose 2-day shipping at checkout to have in time for Mother’s Day!

2. “The Boss” coffee mug – $14

Because moms are bosses. Duh. What mom DOESN’T need this, whether it’s at the head of the kitchen table, or full at her work desk (or both)??? Also comes in pink.

Shipping note: There’s a chance you’ll still get on time with Standard shipping, but I’d recommend upping to Premium shipping just to be safe, if you don’t wanna be late!

3. “Make Mine a Double” travel mug – $18

For the new mom still balancing everything. AKA, balancing between coffee time and happy hour. 😉

Shipping note: FREE 3-day shipping + returns, so you’ll have in time fosho!

4. Silicone Wrist Key ring – $25

I actually got one of these myself just because they sounded so cool, and I bought one for one of my girlfriends who had a baby last month! The whole premise is that mama needs free hands – especially if/when she’s got a kid(s) in one arm, groceries in another, and has doors to shut/open in between. She shouldn’t have to worry about a.) where the keys are, and/or b.) how to open/shut things effectively without dropping bags or children. So this is an easy peasy solution – plus a teething baby could chew on it in a pinch!

5. Estee Lauder DoubleWear Stay-in-Place Foundation – $35.70

(this stuff is normally $42, but it’s currently price-matched to be 15% off! Woo!)

One of my all-time FAVORITE foundations. If mom wants gorgeous full coverage that will make her look photoshopped and 5-10 years younger, this foundation is where it’s at. It’s oil-free AND waterproof, so it’s meant to last through basically anything that spring/summer could throw at her. #BringItOn.

Shipping note: Comes with free shipping!

6. Balloon “love” shelf decor – $36

For the mom who loveloveloves some fun decor accents! It’s made of metal but based with felt, so it won’t scratch her surfaces. #important

Shipping note: FREE 3-day shipping + returns, so you’ll have in time fosho!

7. Nest Apricot Tea candle – $40

Because is it even Mother’s Day if you didn’t get her a candle? I just picked this one up myself, actually – it smells divine. Legit, DIVINE. But if Apricot Tea ain’t mom’s jam, it also comes in Grapefruit, Bamboo, & Moroccan Amber.

8. Tula Hydration Heroes set – $41.60 (with code COMINGUPROSES)

(Make sure you use the code to get that extra 20% off at checkout, otherwise it’ll be $52)

I’m all aboard the Tula train, which you might know by now if you’ve been around these rosy parts awhile. 😉 I ALSO got my own mama on board the train, and she’s got Tula everything just like me. This set is AWESOME for Mother’s Day, I think, especially since any of us millennials have mamas who might be needing a bit more hydration in their skin right about now to prevent fine lines + wrinkles! PLUS, this is an absolutely ~nutso~ deal for all of these products!!!!! It includes the Purifying Face Cleanser, the pro-Glycolic 10% pH Resurfacing gel, the new Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream, AND the Exfoliating Treatment Mask, ALL of which are Tula favorites of mine!!!!

9. “Mama” script ring – $45

The cutest little statement ring for mama. Also comes in silver!

Shipping note: Comes with free shipping!

10. “Mom knows best” duck pendant necklace – $58

How ADORABLE is this gold Kate Spade necklace for any mama with more than one kiddo?!? Bonus points if mom’s got two kids, since it’s a big mama duck followed by two lil’ ducklings!

Shipping note: FREE 3-day shipping + returns, so you’ll have in time fosho!

11. J.Crew Pajama set – $58.50

Because every mom could use another pair of comfy PJ’s. And if she says she doesn’t, she’s lying.

Shipping note: Comes with free shipping!

12. Soft Surroundings throw blanket – On sale half-off for $59.99!

Supposedly Soft Surroundings makes THE coziest blanket of all time. It’s actually currently unavailable since it’s relaunching new-and-improved this summer (I cannot wait to get my hands on it omg omg omg #snuggles). But this one is also fab, AND it’s 50% off…so it’s a steal and mom will lovelovelove.

13. Aromatherapy Diffuser – $69.99

For the mom who’s into essential oils! Pair with her favorite oil or two, or just gift as the seque to starting her own oils collection. (OR, better yet, team up with dad or a sibling – you gift the diffuser, and they each gift an essential oil! #teamwork)

Shipping note: Comes with free shipping!

14. Joie “folle de joie” fragrance – $98

Editor’s Note: For some strange reason, no matter how I try to link to this dang perfume, it keeps pulling up the homepage. SO, click, then just search “perfume” or “folle de joie fragrance” and it’ll pop right up! 😉 This is actually one of my own personal “signature scents” – I’m OBSESSED with it. Turns out, my mama approves of it, too…every single time she comes over to my house, she sneaks up to my room to raid my perfume tray and spritz this bad boy all over. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before in the absolute best sense.

15. Cashmere scarf – $99

For the classic mama who gets chilly in the AC! Comes in 9 pretty colors. This one’s a blend of wool + cashmere, so she’ll be comfortable in frigid air conditioning (you know the type).

Shipping note: Comes with free shipping!

16. Barefoot Dreams cardigan – $116

“I have enough cozy, comfy cardigans” said no woman ever. Word on the street is that Barefoot Dreams reigns supreme over all things cozy, ever. I have approximately 7 Barefoot Dreams on my Nordstrom wishlist. They’re just the kinda piece she won’t wanna take off basically ever.

Shipping note: Comes with free shipping!

17. Phone-charging Bangle Bracelet – $149

For the working mom on the go! She wants to be stylish AND functional (don’t we all?!), so if she can charge her phone discreetly while in her next meeting…that’s a #win. Also monogrammable!

Shipping note: Make sure you order TODAY if you’re getting it monogrammed to have in time as your Mother’s Day gift!

18. Tory Burch Miller sandals – $198

They’re classics! And ’tis the season. 🙂 They come in 8 color options ranging from classic to fun (although leopard print is still a classic too, obvi). Perfect for her upcoming beach trip!

Shipping note: Comes with free shipping!

19. Julie Vos Statement Necklace – $395

A splurge gift, fosho. But a GORGEOUS splurge at that! Get her birthstone or favorite rock. Julie Vos pieces are really classic + popular, so if mama loveloveloves a good statement piece, this is it!

Shipping note: This bad boy comes with FREE 2-day shipping, so you’ll def have in time!

20. KitchenAid Mixer – $599.99

Do yannno how badly this girl wants a KitchenAid?!?! SO BADLY. We didn’t have a wedding registry, and the one regret I have from that is the fact that I couldn’t get a KitchenAid. I swear I’d be the BEST baker by now, if only I had one of these bad boys gracing my kitchen counter. 😉 If mama’s a baker, she needs one!

Shipping note: Get free shipping with code SHIP99 at checkout! This won’t get there by the actual date, but a great idea is to wrap up a great book of baking recipes, or reaaaaaaally tiny box so she thinks she’s getting something else, and surprise her with a note that her KitchenAid is on its way!


Which of these Mother’s Day gifts would your own mom lovelovelove the most?

I’m finalizing the Mother’s Day gifts for my own mama (and mom-in-law) this week, so if you’ve got a good idea not above, I wanna hear it!

P.S. Because moms are the greatest, here are 20 life lessons learned from my Nana + 22 life lessons learned from my Mom!


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