Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Everything you Need to Know + SALE SNEAK PEEK!

It’s almost here, friends – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. AKA, the NSALE. This is like the Blogger Olympics, because this upcoming week includes the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale AND Amazon Prime Day. So, my friends, it’s time to stretch out your shopping muscles and warm up the “add to cart” button, because we gon’ do some damage. Personally, I save up my cents for this time of year specifically thanks to this very sales season, and I know so many of you do the same since it’s such a great time to stock up for the next two seasons for the whole fam, especially on key staples or investment pieces and giftables galore.

I’ve covered the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in past years, too, and every year, my sole goal is to be as helpful as possible. My pride + joy from last year’s NSALE was getting a message from one of you saying I made “the most helpful guide ever!!!!”, and it made waking up at 3 am for the sale’s start totally worth it. THANK THE SWEET LORD BABY JESUS that Nordstrom got some sense and is launching the sale at normal human hours this year (details on that below) – maybe they realized they had an influx of returns from half-asleep-shoppers? I mean, I have full faith that I’ll be much more coherent when fully caffeinated + clearheaded on my shopping goals (and budget) in the middle of the afternoon versus the middle of the night.

SO. Last year we kicked things off with an everything-you-need-to-know post, then followed with everything I bought personally, best beauty buys, best SHOES on sale, and last minute buys. I need to know from YOU what you want to see specifically to be most helpful this year, so let me know! I’ll be trying to mix it up in terms of what I cover based on any specific requests + what the sale ends up actually being like, so stay tuned there!

But first thing’s first as usual: key details about what the heck the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale even is in the first place, as well as key dates to know, my recommendations for preparing for + shopping the sale, how to shop early access, a look at this year’s catalog, and sneak peeks at a few specific pieces that will be launching with this NSALE.


Everything you need to know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Key dates, How to shop it EARLY, A sneak peek at what will be on sale, + MORE - on Coming Up Roses

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: DATES TO KNOW

7/19 through 8/4 – SALE. This is the official sale window!

7/12 – EARLY ACCESS OPENS at 12:30 pm EST, but only to Nordstrom cardholders. 

7/19 – The sale is open to all and runs through August 4th.

8/5 – Prices jump UP to their “after sale” price as marked.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: What you need to know

  • What’s Early Access? Early Access to shop the NSALE is given to all Nordstrom credit cardholders. I know having another credit card might seem like a pain in the butt to some, but it’s def got its perks! I’ve had a card for maybe three years now and I lovelovelove.
  • It’s reaaaaally helpful to get a Nordstrom card. First thing’s first – get the card to shop early access. The card gets you in early, and I would 100% say it’s worth it to get the card TO shop early. So much of the best stuff goes quick, and while much gets restocked – you never know what or when (or IF). So unless you’re hanging out hitting “refresh” all day long (and ain’t nobody got time for that), it makes your life so much easier to have the card and get in first. It also allows you to use Nordstrom Notes, Nordy Club Points, as well as Points days for the sale, earning SO much money back on whatever you buy + getting additional dollars off your purchases! I’ve had mine for I think 3 years now, and I lovelovelove it. (It gives you points on all purchases throughout the whole year as you shop, too, which end up earning you “Notes” to be spent shopping!). There’s no annual fee, and you’ll also get a $20 bonus Nordstrom Note if you spend $100 at Nordstrom with your new card the day you’re approved, which is perfect timing for the sale!
  • The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going to predominantly feature FALL stuff! Like I said before, every blogger and her mom shops + shares this sale. But for good reason – this is NOT your ordinary sale, people. Most sales work in a pretty standardized fashion – at the end of a season, whatever didn’t sell as well or whatever is essentially leftover inventory that needs to be cleared out for new merchandise is marked down, however significantly it needs to be to get off a rack. The NSALE is totally unique. It’s NOT end-of-season stuff (aka summer). Summer stuff is on sale NOW at Nordy’s. But come Thursday, fall merchandise that has not even been sold PERIOD before will launch, and it *launches* on sale. This is insanely cool! It’s like getting a shoppable sneak peek

Everything you need to know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Key dates, How to shop it EARLY, A sneak peek at what will be on sale, + MORE - on Coming Up Roses

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: How to Prep + What to Buy

  • Go through your closet to take inventory before shopping. This is SO helpful, because as silly as it sounds…this sale can get hella overwhelming if you don’t go in somewhat prepared + on a mission. Merchandise will sell out while it’s in your cart if you’re not
  • quick enough, so it’s helpful to shop intentionally and in multiple carts if you need to so that you can pick up what you want/need to for the whole fam. For example, I go in with some specifics in mind from the catalog (like UGG slippers + Blondo booties), but also some generic pieces for the season (like “tall black boots”).
  • Think FALL! Like I said, the VAST majority of the sale is focused entirely on fall. From the catalog, some apparent fall trends that Nordstrom is pulling from are bright + bold solid colors, animal prints (specifically, snakeskin + leopard), plaid, j
  • Specific pieces:
    • Denim, blazers, boots, sweaters – all popular sellers!
    • Best sellers from CUR last year: these mules, this camisole (which will be BACK IN THIS SALE!), this plaid shirt, + this ribbed bodycon dress (a fave of mine!) 
  • Specific brands:
    • Barefoot Dreams – The BD blanket in our house is definitely the most popular + sought after, and I like to point out that it is, in fact, MY BLANKET. Mine. Dibs. It was a shower gift TO ME and I shall claim it each + every night on the couch as its rightful owner. 😉 Get one for yourself, get one for your mom, get one for your best friend, and get one for your gift closet justincase.
    • Nicer denim like Paige, AG, etc – Good denim goes on sale that usually doesn’t, so if you’re looking to invest in some “nicer” jeans, this is the time!
    • UGG – Always has slippers on sale!
  • Giftables – This is a GREAT time to get ahead on the holidays, if you’re totally Type A like me. 😉 But seriously, so many of the on-sale
    brands are so perfectly giftworthy, and they go UP in price by August. So if you’ve got a little gift closet or gift shelf where you keep things for last-minute gifting needs (I do – and it’s so helpful!), stock up now. Dyptique candle sets are always big in the sale, as are beauty kits like this Charlotte Tilbury lippy kit of one of her most popular + beautiful shades.
  • Use your double or triple points! Depending on your rewards status, you may have a double or triple points day left (or more than one!), so be SURE to click that when ordering online!
  • Bookmark CUR for the duration of the NSALE. I’ll be posting updated posts throughout, with things like in-store mirror shots, sizing details, + other helpful tips to be as useful as possible to your own shopping. Consider me your personal stylist + shopper. 😉 So make sure you pop back to the blog first thing when the sale launches, because I’ll be breaking down what’s worth it, what’s not, how to size, etc! I’ll have early access in store before the sale even launches online early access, so my reviews + guide will be ready to go for you the second the sale launches. And to make it as easy as possible on ya, I’ve got a handy dandy label on my menu during the sale so that you can shop all Nordstrom Anniversary Sale content in one place.
  • Buy online with in-store pickup. This is hands down the best way to do it, in my opinion. It allows you to shop quickly (from your couch in your sweats with wine and no crowds, so hello) while still letting you get your merchandise same-day, where you can then try-on in-store and exchange sizes while you’re still there if need be! (It also still gives “credit” to any blogger helping guide any of your NSALE purchase decisions – whether that’s me or some other fabulous lady, we sure do appreciate that!).
  • Buy multiples of an item if you’re unsure of sizing. Nordstrom’s return policy is incredible + effortless, so you can easily return whichever size you end up NOT wanting without any hassle. And like I said, you can buy online and pick up in-store, try on right then and there, and exchange or return anything on the spot, so it’s almost like being VIP for a day with having your selections waiting for you when you arrive at the store. Ha! 😉

Everything you need to know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Key dates, How to shop it EARLY, A sneak peek at what will be on sale, + MORE - on Coming Up Roses

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: What I’m Eyeing

(**NOTE: While you can see the sale price + after-sale price on these products now, you won’t be able to actually ADD them to cart until the sale launches. So be sure to come back to actually shop them as soon as you’re sale shopping!)

  • Fall felt hat – I’m excited to add a fun fall hat to my closet – I used to lovelovelove wearing hats growing up and fell out of it a bit when they weren’t as “in”, so let’s bring it back, baby!
  • Printed pants: Snakeskin or leopard? – I’m preeeeetty sure I wanna hop on this printed pants bandwagon for fall. Which pair should I snag?
  • Plaid dress – This will look SO cute layered with a cardigan overtop + high black boots (like last year’s sale’s Brinkley boots!).
  • Blondo waterproof boots – I was first turned onto Blondo boots in last year’s sale, and HOLY MOLY – they’re goodies. Legit waterproof, so they make for a fabulous fall bootie, especially if you live somewhere where you’re expecting some wet weather, and don’t want to always be rocking Hunter boots!
  • Blondo Leopard wedge sneakers – So far I only own the Blondo waterproof bootie, so I’m excited to add a leopard Blondo wedge to my leopard shoe collection. 😉
  • UGG slippers – They’re so luxe-feeling + so giftable!
  • Camisole top – This was a top seller on CUR in last year’s sale – such an easy layering piece! It’ll be back again, so plan to pick one up if you’re in need of some new layering options.
  • Plaid coat – There are quite a few coats in this year’s catalog, particularly in plaid. This one is my fave I think!
  • Cowl neck sweater – Always good to stock up on sweaters for the season in the NSALE – this one is top of my list. Looks cozy AF!
  • Charlotte Tilbury lippy set – This is one of the most popular Charlotte Tilbury lippy shades, so to get a value pack like this with multiple products – it’s a great one to grab for everyday wear in any season.


See the full 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog here!

Will you be shopping the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

If so, what’s on your list? And what will you want help with specifically from ME, so that I can be as useful + valuable a resource to you as possible throughout the sale?

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