August…what a month. Some moments felt like a total blur, others seemed to last approximately way too long. But here we are – welcome, September! Here’s everything shoppable from Instagram from the month, plus August’s episodes of the THRIVE podcast (SO many good ones, friends – our Enneagram episodes is one of my personal favorites of all time!!!), the Top Ten Bestselling items from the blog according to YOU, some stellar stuff on sale + all of my current active discount codes to help you save a buck or two. 😉 ENJOY.


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1.) What’s Your Enneagram – with Jackie Coban – Jackie Coban is one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. She’s a triple-certified coach (life coach, NLP coach, AND Enneagram coach!) who helps folks reach goals through increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Today on THRIVE, Jackie is deep-diving into all 9 Ennegram types, from what they are and why they matter, to how yours makes you self-sabotage. Fair warning: prepare to feel SEEN.

2.) From Barely Surviving AKA DEBT to FINANCIALLY Thriving (AKA 80,000 Cash) – with Charissa Quade – Are you sick of being in debt, lacking confidence with cash, feeling scared of the b-word (that’s “budget”), and/or just not thriving because you don’t know how to break past barely surviving in your bank account? Founder of, Charissa Quade, became debt-free in two years and accrued $80,000 in cash to pay for her husband’s degree – and she’s here to help YOU do it, too. Snatch her strategies, hear money talk with a Biblical perspective, and get your FREE GIFT to start your own money journey today here.

3.) Life as a Female CEO in 2020: Imposter Syndrome, Feedback, & Rising the Ranks – with Maggie Malek – Maggie Malek is a power lifting, Pokemon catching Texas girl with a big heart – who also happens to be the CEO of a powerhouse ad agency. Today on THRIVE, she’s taking listeners behind-the-scenes of being top dog and how she rose the ranks of leadership, with advice on everything from beating imposter syndrome to giving (+ receiving) feedback.



Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) Amazon tumbler

2.) Zella Live In jogger

3.) Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Crayon

4.) Sofft sneakers

5.) Tory Burch cross body

6.) Barefoot Dreams Circle cardigan

7.) Amazon slippers

8.) Palmer’s coconut scrub

9.) No show socks

10.) AE distressed shorts



Ulta – 21 Days of Beauty sale!

DSW – Extra 25% off [code: SAVE25].

The Sis Kiss – Get 20% off new arrivals [code: TSKNA20] OR get 15% off all other items [code: ERICA15].



Tula: COMINGUPROSES (15% off + free shipping!)

Pink Lily Boutique: ERICA15

Verb Energy Bars: Use the link to get 4 FREE bars (just pay $0.95 for shipping)

TAO Clean: ERICAL62 (62% off your order!!! Get a $149 UV-sanitized facial cleansing brush system for only $56.62!)

The Sis Kiss: ERICA15

Home Chef: ERICAL80 ($80 off your first 4 orders – perfect if your store is short on groceries and/or you don’t want to go out for them!)

Daily Harvest: ERICAL (3 free cups!)

Colleen Rothschild: ERICA20

My Sister’s Closet Boutique: ERICA10

Shein: ERICA15

Loopycases: eligenza10

FabFitFun: ERICAL10

United Monograms: ERICA10

Sweetmint Handmade Mugs: INSTA15

Chapters of Life: ERICA10

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