COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE – Monthly Favorites, August 2021

The LAST WEEK of the the month is upon us – and in typical fashion, to signal the official commencement of fall, today we welcome the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. *And the basic girls said amen* Between that and all of the neighborhood kids starting school again, it’s hard to believe 2021 is already 3/4 of the way donezo. This edition of Cool Sh*t has quite a few favorites that extend far beyond summer, from my favorite artificial-sweetener-free sparkling waters to our favorite subscription box for Liv, so my hope (per usual) is that YOU find a new favorite, too!

COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE - Monthly Favorites, August 2021 on Coming Up Roses

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice is truly a bucket list experience. J + I both got an email about it coming near us on the same day and texted each other at the same time, so called it fate and spontaneously booked tickets. And let me tell you…if you, too, have the opportunity to spontaneously book tickets when Disney on Ice comes to town, GO.

I cried. J cried. My mom cried. Liv had the absolute time of her little LIFE, and it was as magical as you’d expect coming from the world of Disney short of being AT Disney World. We’d all go back in a heartbeat!


Smiley face trucker hats

I saw smiley faces circulating on social media more and more and GOSHDANGIT I’m here for the happy hype. Are you here for or hating on the smiley face trend?? This particular smiley face trucker hat is an Etsy find, and you know I’m here to support small shops whenever/wherever possible. So here we are, with another one on the way! They come in a ton of fun colors + have an adjustable mesh back, and they’re a little way to bring a lotta joy to an otherwise boring day. 🙂

Etsy Smiley face trucker hat - from a small shop!

Etsy Smiley face trucker hat - from a small shop! Etsy Smiley face trucker hat - from a small shop! Etsy Smiley face trucker hat - from a small shop!


Lovevery 3-year-old play kit 

Lovevery is no stranger to Cool Sh*t – but it deserved another shoutout because BIG NEWS, PEOPLE. Lovevery just announced an extension of their subscription box line to include ALL OF AGE THREE.

*And the toddler mamas said amen!*

Liv was juuuuuust about to age out of the boxes, so really I like to believe this was done especially for the OG. And me. 😉 Ha! OK but seriously…these are, without a doubt, the BEST subscription boxes for littles. Yes, they’re on the pricier side – but I’ve tried others that are straight up CARDBOARD toys, and Lovevery pieces are literally heirloom-quality, engaging, interesting activities that are developmentally-relevant and simply spot on. Lovevery is the box I’d gift to my closest girlfriends’ kids. They’re simply the best. 



Isabelle grace beaded bracelets

The second I saw sweet Claudia’s shop, I was in lovelovelove. Besides the fact that her jewelry is beautiful, she has a lot of faith-inspired pieces that really spoke to my heart. I’ve been meaning to find a Miraculous Medal that seamlessly fits with my everyday accessory lineup, and was SO STOKED to see this gold beaded bracelet that works with the rest in my stack! 

She makes everything from totally personalized custom pieces (which, of course, make the best gifts!) to other classic collections in your choice metals. And I think she’s currently doing an offer for 25% off sitewide to ring out summer, so carpe diem!

Isabelle Grace beaded bracelets - Baublebar bracelet dupe! Isabelle Grace beaded bracelets - Baublebar bracelet dupe!


Tula hibiscus lemonade sugar scrub 

When Tula’s first sugar scrub debuted in 2019, it was an instant Cool Sh*t hit. So Polished was (and is) so remarkable in the world of facial scrubs because of its ability to get ‘er done without feeling like you’ve just rubbed a Brillo pad all over your face. It’s a sugar base, which is a natural exfoliant that dissolves in water, so overscrubbing is almost impossible. But you’re still getting a thorough exfoliation; the scrubs always feature fruit enzymes for light chemical exfoliation, as well as brightening and pore-unclogging. This new scrub, So Refreshing, has hisbiscus flower acid + lemon to get the job done!

Like the original, this scrub is not chunky or gritty; it literally melts into your skin as you rub, so you’re sloughing off dead skin cells and preventing clogged pores without becoming red and raw as a cooked beet after. 😉

Also just spotlighted the new Power Swipe Treatment Eye Balm – if you haven’t tried yet, I highly recommend! As seen in last month’s Cool Sh*t, as well as in its own highlighted product review on CUR…the first time I’ve ever done that!

Tula so refreshing Hibiscus Lemonade Sugar Scrub - COOL SH*T I LOVELOVELOVE on CUR


You are Special book by Max Lucado

Wow…what a book. I kid you not, I teared up reading the Amazon description. Then I couldn’t even get through the book without crying the first time I read it to Liv. The first time J read it to her he cried, too. It’s truly phenomenal, and one of those books that hits your parent heartstrings, too (clearly).

Max Lucado is a Christian author so his writing definitely has those undertones, BUT it’s great message regardless of your own faith background – reminds me a bit of “The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis only in the sense of it being a secular story that you *could* connect to Christianity easily.

I cannot recommend this enough. Liv is still a BIT young for it in the sense that she doesn’t fully understand all of the meaning, but I’ll happily read it to her every single day until she’s reading it to me and has the book memorized if it means she internalizes the message!




Amazon floral mumu jumpsuit

As seen on CUR. 🙂 Over 12,500+ 5-star reviews at this point AND an Amazon bestseller from the blog, too! This jumpsuit is just a winner all around. It’s easy, it’s breezy, and it’s got great flow. Whether you’re looking to hide a food baby (or real baby bump) or just feel comfortable AF, it fits the bill. And it’s still *on sale* for around $20 – such a steal!


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Bowl & Basket dark chocolate sea salt mini grahams + Bowl & Basket sparkling waters

It’s no secret that I lovelovelove ShopRite – a grocery store chain up here around the tri-state area. It’s truly the BEST grocery store I’ve ever stepped foot in, for a thousand and one reasons. But one of said reasons: their in-house brand, Bowl & Basket. I’ve gotten to try quite a few B&B gems from various press trips with ShopRite, and there’s now quite a few on my laundry list of favorites.

Now included: the Mini Grahams with dark chocolate + sea salt, and their sparkling waters.

The first need no extra explanation – I mean, dark chocolate sea salt-covered mini grahams? Sign a sister up. They’re the perfect salty-sweet combo and totally indulgent, but mini…so zero guilt. 😉

The latter are our new favorite sparkling waters – we’ve got four flavors stocked as we speak! They’re especially great since they’ve got NO artificial sweeteners – something I wholeheartedly appreciate since I don’t want the unnecessary calories or added sugar, but I ALSO don’t want the weird fake sweetener aftertaste. The best of every world right here! HIGHLY recommend – our whole family loveloveloves, and they also make great mixers. 😉

ShopRite Bowl & Basket mini grahams with dark chocolate & sea salt ShopRite Bowl & Basket sparkling water - on Coming Up Roses ShopRite Bowl & Basket sparkling water - on Coming Up Roses


The Gwynn Garden

ICYMI – we’ve got a garden! And much to my surprise, it’s ~thriving~. I mean, I had never seen 6-foot-tall tomato plants before this summer and HERE WE ARE. While I’m admittedly a bit tomato’d-out at this point, a favorite has been our homemade freezer pickles. They’re a family recipe passed down from my Pop back when he grew a very full vegetable garden! Now J + I add some jalapenos for a spicy kick, but of course, you can do that to taste. 🙂 Enjoy!

My SPICY FREEZER PICKLES Recipe - on Coming Up Roses


And what have been YOUR Monthly Favorites? Would lovelovelove to know! 

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