You guys…this weekend is the 4th of July. WOWZAS. On one hand, so much of the year thus far has felt like a neverending ~struggle~ and on the other hand, it’s flying by. We had a productive, fun weekend over here – J was on a fishing trip with the guys, so Mimi (aka my mom) and I took Liv to a local dairy/petting zoo that re-opened, visited my grandparents since we hadn’t seen them in MONTHS (and socially distanced, of course), had a little wine and cheese girls’ night, went to church, cleaned up my bathrooms and did some random organizing – so all in all, a productive, fruitful weekend! Closing out June the way we’ve been closing every month lately – with what happened on the ‘gram, the top 10 bestsellers according to YOU, stuff on sale (woo!), podcast episodes you might’ve missed, + MORE. Happy Summer!


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1.) A Black Girl & A White Girl Talk About Race – with Davida LovelaceIt’s long past time for our Black sisters and brothers to have the ability to go from simply surviving to thriving – and if you’ve seen the news lately, you hopefully agree. In today’s episode, Erica and her friend Davida have a candid conversation about race, to ask and answer the questions that many might tip toe around. As a Black woman in America, has Davida experienced racism firsthand? What actually is “white privilege?” How about the Black Lives Matter movement? What is a “microaggression?” We hope and pray you hear this honest conversation with an open mind and open heart. Black lives matter.


Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) Leith Dress – One of my all-time favorite dresses EVER. You’ve only heard me talk about it a few times, right? 😉 There’s good reason I #CantStopWontStop with it, y’all…it’s just THAT GOOD! I own 6 colors in sleevless and 4 in long-sleeves. It’s a universally flattering dress. Literally looks good on anyone + everyone, regardless of weight or height, which is otherwise unheard of. SO comfy, too. Could not recommend more!

2.) UGG Slipper “look for less” – My $20-something slippers from Amazon that look juuuuuuust like my $85 UGG slippers – and I like these more!!! Wearing them right this very second as I type. They’re the comfiest memory foam, so soft, and actually cozier than the UGGs if you can believe that…so for the price, total no brainer.

3.) Yogalicious Leggings – Great alternative to the $98 Lululemon Align pant!!

4.) Caffeinate Your Soul – I mean… 😉

5.) Old navy white tee – A squishy soft basic white tee. Not the highest quality I’ve ever tried, but for the price, it’s a great one to have in your closet!

6.) “What I Love About Dad” Book – This was a bestselling Father’s Day gift idea! If you want to bookmark more ideas for dad (or for any hard-to-shop-for dude in your life for that matter), bookmark this post for birthdays, Christmas, etc!

7.) One Shoulder Swimsuit – A bestseller + favorite of mine (and yours!) from last year back at it again this swim season! It’s absurdly cute, obviously, but it’s most fabulous because it stays in PLACE and does not move, so it’s a great option if you have more active summer/pool/beach plans!

8.) Wire Free Bra – My favorite wireless bra for the price!!! I have 2 or 3 myself, as does my mom…it almost feels like not wearing a bra at all. But you still have the support, so it’s a win win!

9.) Shop Amber Richele Tie Dye – This bestseller was from the roundup we shared of Black-Owned Businesses, so I’m SO so happy it made the cut here and was a favorite of YOURS, too! Isn’t her tie dye just so stinking cute?!

10.) Baby Face Mug – A forever favorite in my heart + in our house. The one our whole family has with Liv’s face on it – a GREAT gift idea for any parent or relative of a cutie patootie!



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