Here comes Amazon, here comes Amazon, right down my drivewaaaay! We’ve been wining, dining and Amazon priming all year long – and the CUR best Amazon finds of 2022 are here. We’ve got the 15 top sellers from Amazon as shopped by readers, as well as my personal favorite five-star-worthy finds. 

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  1. SlippersThese are like the CURowd poochies at this point. (“Poochies” being what my family calls slippers – HA). They look like these popular $95 UGGs, but they’re significantly less expensive (only $20-ish instead). And arguably, they’re softer, warmer, and stay on your foot better since they’re more enclosing than the UGGs, too. They don’t look as dirty as my UGGs either, after months and months and months of wear!
  2. Yogalicious leggings – These were still popular from this blog post, but at this point, they’re not my favorite alternative to Lululemon Aligns – these are. (More on them below!)
  3. Cinderella family costume (Star princess wand, pink bow, blue cape, prince charming costume) – Our Cinderella family costume from Halloween 2021. 🙂
  4. Circle ring belt – A look-for-less option for the famed Gucci belt, minus the flashy G logo.
  5. Miss Mouth’s – One of the BEST stain treaters EVER – literally works on anything. A mom must have!
  6. Essence mascara – My favorite $5 mascara. Volumizing AND lengthening for fuller lashes…lovelovelove.
  7. Botanic Tree self-tanner – A fabulous, all-natural self-tanner that gives an even, buildable bronzed glow. There’s no gross tanner smell and on transfer to your clothes or sheets. Color gradually develops over a few hours, and it’s truly splotch-proof and SO easy to apply – here’s my in-depth review + tutorial!
  8. These sunnies – Super fun pair of sunnies for not even $15.
  9. Colorfulkoala leggings – These are the BEST Lulu Align Amazon dupes out there. I would know because any time I see an influencer make that claim, I try them out – and I’ve YET to top these. I own multiple Aligns AND multiple “dupes.” These are the best in terms of both the stretchiness, and the buttery softness. Some are moreso stretchy, some are moreso soft – but it’s a really special legging to perfectly combine the two, where you can both comfortably work out AND lounge without feeling like you’re more one over the other. These are IT. For under $30, they’re a steal and a near-exact way to get the $98 Lulu Align look (+ feel) for less. More on them here.
  10. Athletic dress – The dress of the summer – so much so that I got five. Out of 6+ options that I gave a go from Amazon, this one reigned supreme. The shorts and bra are built-in, and there are no weird lumps or lines.
  11. No-show socks – The BEST no-show socks EVER – and I’ve tried ’em all. Also thrown OUT ’em all after finding these, because there’s really no comparison. They’re the only ones I’ve found that truly stay PUT on your foot thanks to some silicone stickies on the back, so they won’t slip down into your shoe. Full no-show socks review here!
  12. Kids doodle board – A MUST for kids, from mess-free travel entertainment to spelling and drawing practice and motor skill development. 
  13. Diamond dazzle stick – The easiest, most effective way to clean your wedding set for only 7 FREAKING DOLLARS.
  14. Wireless bra – Feels like a hug for your girls. SUPER comf.
  15. Short sleeve bodysuit – One of my favorite Amazon bodysuit brands – this one was most popular with you, too!



  1. Meat masher – A total gamechanger in the kitchen. 
  2. Little Tikes Bouncehouse – Maybe our most-used Prime Day purchase to date. Liv LOVES it – we have it in our basement! – and it’s great for getting out extra energy. It’s also made surprisingly well and stury; I heard nothing but rave reviews before purchasing, and it makes sense why it’s got nearly 10,000 five stars to its name.
  3. Chomps – Not exclusively on Amazon, but where I personally re-purchase – my favorite “clean,” protein-packed beef stick snacks!
  4. Stanley quencher dupe – THE CUP that’s cheaper AND better than the infamous Stanley Quencher tumbler – unlike the Stanley, it doesn’t leak or spill!
  5. Slip-on UGG dupes – Probably my most-worn shoe so far this winter season – they’re just so comfy and easy to throw on and go. They look JUST like $130+ UGGs, but they’re not even $50!
  6. Crazy Cups decaf coffee – Our favorite decaf K-cups – I say “our” meaning MY ENTIRE FAMILY. Gifting a box to my mom AND my aunt for Christmas because everyone who has tried them at our house ends up loveloveloving! Fabulous flavors.
  7. Crew socks – These are TikTok-trendy AND hella comfy. They’re warm with great cushioning.
  8. Celsius + Poppi – Another non-Amazon-exclusive, but two of my all-time favorite beverages that are on repeat in my order history.
  9. Zofrin belt bag dupe – Mine (and my mom’s) Lululemon belt bag alternative.
  10. Athletic dress – THE DRESS!
  11. Book light – Fabulous for early morning or late night reading with a cozy vibe.
  12. Pointy-toe knit flats – A more affordable alternative to Rothy’s – they’re SUPER comfy.
  13. Pill organizer – I grabbed this for something cute and clear, with bigger compartments to fit all of my daily supplements etc.
  14. Hiking sandals – These are INSANELY comfortable. Solid arch support.
  15. Packing cubes – An absolute must for any traveler. 
  16. Bamboo plates for Liv – These are BPA-free and just great little plates for little eaters. They’re microwave and dishwasher safe, too!
  17. Travel mirror – Another awesome travel find – it’s compact and has dimmable light with variation between cool and warm lighting, so you can get perfect-for-you lighting wherever you are.
  18. Birkenstock dupes – Super comfy and SO much cheaper than Birkenstocks. I got two!
  19. Suitcase travel cup holder – Slips onto your suitcase and holds two drinks – also a great giftable!
  20. These sunnies – An under-$15 designer dupe. They’re SO chic.
  21. Twistable memory foam travel pillow – Twists however you need it to conform for perfect neck support, be it in a car, train or plane.
  22. Liv’s rose dress – Whenever the OG wears this on Instagram, the Q’s come in – I need it in grown-up size! 😉
  23. Thermal pantyhose – The coolest creation for those of us with real winters. They’re opaque, fleece-lined tights that LOOK like sheer pantyhose but FEEL like fabulous warm leggings. Such a clutch find!

What was your best Amazon find of 2022?