The Last 10 Things I Bought on Amazon…

Raise your hand if you’re nosy AF about what folks buy on Amazon? All of us??? K cool. We’re among friends here. 😉 I realized I click faster than a Black Friday sale announcement when I see someone sharing their Amazon favorites or, really, what they’ve most recently purchased from Amazon. It’s just…real. And relatable. Bonus points for some context and/or reviews already since Lord knows Prime shipping is God’s gift to last minute and impulse shoppers everywhere alike. (It’s me…both are me). I lovelovelove knowing AND sharing best Amazon finds as I find ’em, but also thought it would be fun to share my most recent Amazon haul without necessarily picking/choosing the best of the best FOR you, but just sharing a peek at my most recent orders. 😉

SO. Here are the last ten things I bought on Amazon. 

The Last 10 Things I Bought on Amazon... - on Coming Up Roses


I bought this in the hopes of making + mastering my current favorite refreshing Starbucks drink at home. Lately I’ve been ordering a venti iced guava white tea (or black tea since many locations are out of white now) with light ice, cream, and 3 pumps Classic. It’s SO YUM. So for my at-home experimentation, picked up this guava fruit puree – it’s made with real fruit, no artifical flavors/colors/ingredients/preservatives/sweeteners, and then is also dairy-free, gluten-free, allergen-free, etc. 

For another fun at-home drink experiment, check out my homemade Starbucks pink drink recipe!



Bought this book after seeing both my friends Lisette and Taylor recommend – it’s a book on money mindset, which I always appreciate a refresher on. All around reframing to your thoughts around money, which we all have based on our conscious AND subconscious thoughts. Even from our early childhoods, we all have some sortof emotional relationship with money based on how we saw it growing up, and it inevitably impacted our view on it as adults. 



These are AWESOME!!! They’re basically a dupe to the Instagram-famouse Gimme beauty hair ties. On Amazon, you can get 6 Gimme beauty hair ties for $12. But you can get 50 of this one for only $6.99!!! They’re super soft, stretchy, seamless, and don’t crease or damage your hair. Already so impressed. I’d say these will likely go down in an actual best Amazon finds sorta roundup in the future, too!



After watching Moana for the 17th time, it was long overdue to pick up the piano book and attempt to show Liv how cool Mommy is. HA. 😉 So far it’s not working and she just says, “No mommy, Moana on TV?” WOMP. But I think it’s actually growing on her and might actually inspire her own want to play the piano, so maybe my plan will work after all!



I didn’t have high hopes for this one since the brand tends to be a “cheaper” one on Amazon, but I literally just tried this bodysuit on this morning and I’m SHOOK, friends! It’s GREAT!!! Full coverage booty!!!!! Lord knows a full coverage booty on a bodysuit is a hard hunt (most tend to be thongs), so to find one that doesn’t go up the bum is a fun find indeed.

It’s also go the cutest ruffled sleeves, which give it a pretty feminine flair beyond a basic tee or crewneck cut. AND, it’s under $20!!! I might have to add another to cart in a different color!



This is a cute little number for spring! I think the photo is a BIT misleading because I thought there were buttons at the neckline…there are not. The non-leopard pictures do better justice of it just being a lower cut V, BUT I’m at least happy that it doesn’t flap open since that sortof style never works on me. The length is nice and flattering and not too short, and it’s got good swing. Did I need another leopard dress? Not technically. But how many leopard dresses is too many leopard dresses? The limit does not exist.



These are the real deal, folks. They are goooooood. On par with this favorite pair of mine. Also under $30, and the perfect blend of butter soft for comfort and compressive for workouts. I’m wearing them as we speak (or as I type? Ha!) and already have another pair in my cart. Highly, highly recommend – another best Amazon find in the making! 



It has since arrived after snapping this screenshot (Amazon is quick like that 😉 ) so I tried it on quickly for the sake of a quality review – and wow. One of the softest sweaters I’ve ever touched, and that’s saying something since I’m OBNOXIOUS with fabrics – ha! I kid you not, almost feels like cashmere. Which is CRAZY for a $23 sweater!!!!! I will absolutely pick up at least one other color. This is a great transitional top since it’s a “sweater” that’s not a heavy knit by any means, so it’ll be perfect for heading into spring if you get temps in the 50’s like is on our weather report for this week and next!

This Amazon find is listed as “one size,” so let’s talk about that. While I don’t think realistically it would truly fit ALL, it’s definitely muuuuuch stretchier than other sweaters and obnoxiously comfortable for that reason. I’ll be wearing it this week, I’m sure, so stay tuned to my Instagram Stories for a little in-person try-on to see fit, sizing, etc! It’s super roomy on me (comfortably oversized, not TOO big if that makes sense) and I could absolutely pull it off one shoulder for another way to wear, too. HIGHLY recommend!!!



I ended up actually buying 4 or 5 sets of these container 4-packs because they came in CLUTCH for re-organizing our pantry. They fit a decent amount, so I’ve found them to be wonderfully practical besides being aesthetically pleasing. 



This one’s a funny story. I had dug my Ouai dry shampoo foam out from the drawer one day and remembered how dang FABULOUS it smells – I had touched my head later in the day and my hand smelled so good, I KEPT smelling it throughout the day like daaaaaang. So I Googled to see if Ouai happened to have any perfumes that smelled the same, and SURE ENOUGH – they do! I’m not usually a floral fragrance girl at all – this one is noted as being a “fresh floral scent,” but I don’t think it’s overly floral at all. It’s also got notes of lemon, jasmine, and bergamot, and I lovelovelove that it smells like something good for day OR night.

What are the last ten things you’ve bought on Amazon??? And what have been your best Amazon finds (AND worst?) lately?

Pics or it didn’t happen. 😉

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