What a fun weekend it’s been so far – and really, what a fun month! We just got back from a little spring break family getaway, and it was a blast. Happy last day of February…and happy birthday to any Leap Year babies in da house. 😉 Hope you’re enjoying some R&R and re-filling your cup for the new week and new month ahead! Now onto this month’s roundup of shoppable stuff, THRIVE podcast episodes, the Top 10 Bestselling items from the blog, the best sales happening now, AND all of the active discount codes that I have for you to save some $$$! Woo!


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1.) Finding (+ Accepting) the REDIRECTION from the Rejection – with Katie Bulmer – One day, Katie Bulmer heard the voice of God. And it wasn’t some big, loud booming echo from the heavens – but it sure was life-altering. As an author and speaker at over 30 colleges across the country, Katie’s path took an unexpected turn when she went from marketing agency career girl to newfound motivational sorority speaker, speaking the truths she wished she had had and helping the next generation with everything from boys to bosses. In this episode of THRIVE, Katie and Erica get real about what “the voice of God” sounds like AND looks like in your own life, and how to find and truly accept the redirection from rejections.

2.) What I Learned from 50 One-on-One Dates with My Girlfriends – with Shari Leid Shari is basically your queen Galentine. In one year, she intentionally made 50 one-on-one dates happen with friends, simply to tell them how they have positively impacted her life. After being abandoned as a baby in a cardboard box with no name, no birthdate – essentially, no identity – Shari found message in her mess and now thrives on helping other women uncover their own. This life coach and book author has words of wisdom to share on what she learned as both teacher and student, talking with girlfriends and maximizing friendships and relationships along the way.

3.) Thriving as a Black Woman Married to a White Cop – with Ruthie Ridley Ruthie Ridley is a lot of things. She’s a content creator an influencer, a nurse, a podcaster, a worship leader and a mom of three – she’s also a Black woman in America, married to a white cop. I’m so honored to give my girlfriend space to speak her truth on THRIVE – I hope you can come into the conversation with an open heart and leaving feeling the size of Ruthie’s.

4.) How to FINALLY Get Over Rejection with this One Universal Truth – with Harlan Cohen – Today on THRIVE, Rejection Expert & NYT Bestselling Author, Harlan Cohen, is shedding light on ONE Universal Truth to help you finally get over rejection of any kind. He’s got practical insight into processing rejections more informationally (versus emotionally), the three different KINDS of rejection we face, as well as a powerful way to write your own story as if it’s already happened…and then make it so.


Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) Amazon slippers – Our #1 bestseller for MONTHS at this point! They’re the look-for-less for the cult-classic UGG slippers, for around $25 instead of $85. And, I think, softer, warmer, cozier, AND stay on your foot better!

2.) Colorfulkoala leggings – Another look-for-less – these are the BEST Lululemon Align alternatives I’ve found. (For under $30, compared to $98 for real Lulu Aligns). Blogged side-by-side with them here!

3.) Maybelline Ink Crayon – A drugstore alternative to the $30+ Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick! Lovelovelove this formula. Also blogged a side-by-side comparison here!

4.) Unicorn chalk – Such a cute option for little girls’ Easter baskets!

5.) “Raise Them Kind” sweatshirt – Wore this 3 times last week. Comfy + cute, and great gift idea for mamas! I sized up one (to a medium) for a more oversized fit. As seen in February’s Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove here!

6.) Amazon wireless bra – SUCH a gem – feels like a hug for your boobs. Ha! It’s totally wireless and reaaaaally comfy, almost like a sports bra with added support/cups/etc. Super affordable + great reviews – I have three and my mom has it, too! 

7.) Soma wireless bra – My favorite bra of all time. Seamless, wireless, and I prioritize it above the Amazon one solely because I actually forget I have this one on. Plus, this one is literally supportive for ALL BRA SIZES. I kid you not, I know it sounds impossible, but from A cups to my girlfriends with DD’s, it does the job and is still supportive without a single wire. IDK how they do it, but I have 4 and will recommend until the day I die. As seen in Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove here!

8.) Pamela’s brownies – Pamela is a CUR reader who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person, and turns out, she also happens to make the world’s best brownies. Of this I am certain. Support her newly launched small shop and treat yo’self to a batch of her famous deep dish brownies!

9.) Red shorts – My fave shorts from past Disney trips – literally on clearance for only $5 right now. FIVE BUCKS!!!! I wear a size small and they run TTS (I’m normally a 2/4).

10.) Barefoot Dreams dupe blanket – This blanket is UNREAL. It’s not even $30 and I think I actually like it MORE than my real Barefoot Dreams blankets that cost $180!!!!! It’s an exact dupe, but almost feels a BIT heavier. Such in credible quality. Absolutely buy one for yourself, then one for everyone you love.


Nordstrom Rack – Up to 70% off the Swim Shop

Colleen Rothschild – Save up to 50% off some of my beauty faves like this hand cream, vitamin C treatment, jumbo cleansing balm, + hydrating mask!

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Tula – COMINGUPROSES (15% off + free shipping!)

Verb Energy Bars – Use the link to get a full sized Starter Kit PLUS 4 FREE bars for HALF PRICE ($11!)


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