The BEST of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale by Category (+ What will sell out the fastest!)

BRACE YO’SELVES – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here. ICYMI, since everyone and their mom and their fish and their dog is talking about it on Instagram right about now – ha! You either lovelovelove it or ya hate it, but whatever the case, it’s come around again. Some folks have been able to shop the sale in-store already because of their Nordstrom cardholder status (if you want to shop Early Access, apply for a card here – you can shop same-day as approved! I got mine I think 2 sales ago and shopped Early same-day, and since there aren’t any annual fees, I think it’s worth it. But do whatever is comfortable + best for YOU!). For others, the sale launches online today, and others still tomorrow. And then Public Access doesn’t start until the 19th. Let the games begin!

We shopped until we literally dropped yesterday (a solid six hours at the mall – ha!), and found a TON of great stuff. There’s also some stuff included in the sale that I DON’T think will be worth the money. So as always, and like I said on Instastories yesterday, I plan on keepin’ it 100 and sharing it all with you totally honestly, so that you can gauge what is versus is not worth your hard-earned money if you’re shopping the sale.

Another thing that I’ve seen some folks mention online that’s worth repeating here – pleasepleaseplease remember that any bloggers you see sharing the sale are doing so because it’s literally our JOB. I like to think of myself as your personal shopper + stylist helper, like a best friend to help you weed through the hundreds of racks + thousands of online selections to find what’s best for your buck AND your body. Bloggers do make a small commission on purchases, the same way that an in-store associate is making commission on your purchases. Total transparency, it’s never more than 10% of a purchase, and it in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM affects the price you’re paying. It’s all done on the backend, and it’s the retailer giving a percentage of a sale back to whoever was “responsible” for helping make the sale happen. So if an in-store associate is helping you pull pieces or work a dressing room and they ask at the end, “Who helped you today?”, that person is going to receive commission based on how much you bought in the end. Similarly, a blogger will receive commission from Nordstrom for helping sell something. So for a lot of folks, there’s a positive ROI to sharing the sale, because SO many people do shop it like cray to prepare for the next season + beyond. DO NOT EVER FEEL like you NEED to buy anything at all, let alone as much as you see bloggers buying to share. Take it with a grain of salt since it’s being done to cater to what an audience is wanting to see for their own shopping needs. And, shop through whichever blogger you lovelovelove supporting the most – whoever you vibe with, feels most authentic, whose style you favorite, etc. Sales are supposed to be FUN, not stressful, so put yo’ blinders on and shop your own list after taking inventory in your own closet and making your own budget.

Stepping off soapbox now.

For anything I’m styling for the NSALE, I’ll be trying to mix in as many NON-NSALE items into the outfits as possible, so that you can get some genuine inspiration for how to style sale-pieces alongside things already in your closet. Don’t feel like you need to drop the big bucks on full outfits!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Outfits - on Coming Up Roses

From left to right:

LOOK 1: Something Navy fall hat // Plaid shirt // SPANX faux leather leggings // Blondo waterproof booties 

LOOK 2: Leith cardigan // Leopard camisole // Paige denim // Sam Edelman boots

LOOK 3: Wubby Pullover // Leopard joggers // UGG slippers


Hottest trends this year HANDS DOWN:

  • Leopard
  • Snakeskin
  • Pink
  • Plaid

Best department to shop: SHOES.

Department to skip: BABY/KIDS. I don’t shop every department ebcause some stuff just isn’t worth it in my opinion – like baby. Especially with how fast kids grow, I think it’s TOTALLY fine to grab the cute stuff from Walmart or Target and not drop $40 on a baby dress at Nordstrom that they’ll outgrow in a few months. I DID, though, buy Olivia this stuffed elephant in the store because she just about grabbed it off the display and I’m a sucker. 😉

Overall thoughts: A lot of pieces this year are repeat best sellers from year’s past, but other than that, I’ve been finding many of these things to be surprisingly VERSATILE. Which is *great news* since you can spend less money on more impactful pieces that you can wear more intentionally + creatively all year long. Yay!

I literally have a running list of already 7-ish pieces that I want to style for 1 Thing, 3 Ways posts for you guys. Sharing a few views of pieces ON below – some I snapped in the dressing room, others I waited until home to snap since I was flying through things.


Nordstrom Aniversary Sale Pieces that WILL SELL OUT:

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! Shop what will sell out first on Coming Up Roses - SOmething Navy leopard pullover sweater

1.) Something Navy leopard cardigan/sweater

Sizing: TTS (I’m wearing S)

Quality: SO soft + cozy, without being itchy. But also not too heavy – you could layer over a button-down or chambray on a cold day!

Price: Originally $79, Marked down to $49.90


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! Shop what will sell out first on Coming Up Roses - leopard lace camisole

2.) Lace camisole top

Sizing: TTS or runs big (I’m wearing S but could also do XS!)

Quality: Just a basic camisole, but wearable with a lot throughout seasons! Comes in quite a few colors + prints, and works by itself now, or layered later. Dress up for work with a blazer, down for date night with a leather jacket.

Price: Originally $39, Marked down to $25.90


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! Shop what will sell out first on Coming Up Roses - wubby pullover

3.) Wubby Pullover

Sizing: TTS (I’m wearing S)

Quality: SO COZY, SO GOOD. I was on the wubby fence last year because I had found an Amazon lookalike for less and figured it was the same thing. Granted, they’re similar…but this feels like wearing a freaking ALPACA on your body, and it’s delightful. Won’t be taking off. Nope.

Price: Originally, $79, Marked down to $49.90


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! steve madden snakeskin flats

4.) Snakeskin Steve Madden flats

Sizing: TTS (I wear 7.5)

Quality: Wear little half socks your first time wearing these + bring blisters to break them in, and once that happens, they’re going to be SO comfortable for work + beyond.

Price: Originally $89.95, Marked down to $59.90


Barefoot Dreams - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

5.) Barefoot Dreams throw blanket

Quality: Approximately the blanket of heaven. This is a must-have in every home, and is essentially a perfect giftable.

Price: Originally $180, Marked down to $119.90


6.) BP leopard cardigan

Sizing: TTS (I wear Small)

Quality: I’m not sure if this will sell out or not since it sold out SO fast last year, I’m guessing the Nordstrom team got a LOT this tim to hopefully account for that…ha!

Price: Originally $69, Marked down to $45.90


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! madewell cardigan

7.) Madewell striped cardigan

Sizing: TTS (I’m wearing S)

Quality: Feels JUST like cashmere, but for a third of the price!!! If you don’t want to splurge on cashmere this year, get this instead. My mom agreed with me in store – feels identical!

Price: Originally $98, Marked down to $64.90


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! Something Navy leopard joggers

8.) Something Navy jogger pants 

Sizing: TTS (I’m wearing S)

Quality: Wearing these as we speak (aka as I type this) – they’re SO SOFT. I think double as pajama pants? I’ll be wearing with a black tee out and about!

Price: Originally $45, Marked down to $29.90


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! leopard tee

9.) Leopard Socialite tee 

Sizing: TTS for a bit of an oversized fit (I’m wearing S)

Quality: Squishy soft, wrinkle-free, and surprisingly versatile.

Price: Originally, Marked down to $15.90




What people are loving from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but I’m…not.

  • Leith ribbed knit wrap sweater – It looks so cute on models, but I’ve got a long torso AND smaller chest, so it’s like a belly shirt gone wrong.

  • Vince Camuto Gigietta booties – People are RAVING about these on Instagram and say they’ll sell out ASAP (so grab ’em now if you ARE a fan), but I’m personally not a fan I don’t think. I tried them on in person and couldn’t get over the thought that they look like cowgirl boots that got confused along the way – ha! I think it’s the combo of the brim around the shoe, and the toe being not totally pointed and not totally square.
  • Steve Madden camo booties – I thought I would like these, but they look like Frankenstein boots on and are stiff at the top, so it would likely rub on your legs. Pass!






  • WILL SELL OUT: Something Navy joggers (I got ’em in leopard!)
  • WILL SELL OUT: Barefoot Dreams throw blanket (I have it – got it as a gift from my baby shower. SUCH a good giftable for your girlfriends, mom, best friend, whomever!)
  • WILL SELL OUT: Barefoot Dreams cardigans (This one + this one are repeats from past years, and I own both personally – highly recommend. I snagged this one in-store and will be picking up this one online!)
  • WILL SELL OUT: Something Navy pink/leopard tee (I got it!) – Teeeeechnically it’s a pajama top, but it looks SO CUTE for everyday wear – and then you *know* it’s comfy AF, since it’s literally pajamas. 😉



  • Paige denim



  • WILL SELL OUT: This blouse (I got it in the animal print!) – Will be highlighting in a full workwear post because it’s a PHENOMENAL buy!
  • This front-wrap top (I got it in teal!) – Another one I’ll be highlighting separately for you girls who need office options! Neither one of these blouses will wrinkle or show sweat (bless up), and BOTH can be worked for after-hours. BOTH UNDER $35!
  • Eliza J dresses





What are you shopping for this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Be sure to check back in as you shop – I’ll be updating this page specifically, as well as everything under the Nordstrom Sale tab on the menu bar so that you’re always up-to-date with restocks, best buys, + more!


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