THE AUGUST CURoundup: Podcasts, Top 10 Bestsellers + SALES!

It’s FINALLY FALL – almost! We’re almost there! Fall has hit Starbucks, which means it’s basically autumn. Let the basic betches among us rejoice (hello, it me). Welcome to the month’s CURoundup! You know…the CUR-Roundup? Get it??? Ha! Speaking of CURoundups, there’s ALSO a CURoundup that goes out weekly to my newsletter girls – you know who you are. 🙂 This quick n’ easy email has all the “insider scoop” stuff, exclusive sales, discount code info, and a roundup of any/all shoppable things I shared during the week and/or saw requests for, from things I wore to things you need help sourcing for future events, weddings, gifting occasions, etc. It’s totally F-R-E-E and only value-packed, so sign up here if ya want in! Onto August’s CURoundup…


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1.) The Mom Dilemma + How to Start a Business That Puts Your Priorities First – with Laura MarkzAfter a near-death experience, Laura Markz knew something gotta give. And she also knew that her passion was helping working moms feel less crappy for pursuing their passions alongside raising their babies. Today on THRIVE, she’s sharing the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make starting out and a few practical steps to get started on your own entrepreneurship journey that fits the vision for your own picture perfect and prioritized future.

2.) Healing Childhood Trauma & Claiming Survivorship – with Native American warrior Terri Kozlowski – Today’s episode does come with a trigger warning, as we do talk about things like sexual assault and abuse. If you’re feeling a bit sensitive to those topics today, please feel free to listen to a different episode of THRIVE instead and come back if or when it feels right. For those who have gone through some really terrible stuff in life, it can be hard to feel like a survivor – let alone a thriver. But today’s guest, Terri Kozlowski, is here to help you do just that. She’s a proud Native American warrior of the Athabascan Gwich’in Tribe (Raven Clan), a certified life coach, author, podcaster – and a survivor of childhood trauma and sexual abuse. Today on THRIVE, Terri is sharing her story of healing and empowerment with advice on getting out of the egoic mind, moving past limiting beliefs, and choosing to live beyond fear as your most authentic self.

3.) How to Spark your Creative Juices & Become a more Creative Person! – with Rose Gabler – Do you feel like you’re a creative person? If not…what would you say if I told you that we are ALL, in fact, inherently creative people, and you just have to ask the right question to get your creative juices flowing? Rose Gabler was named one of the Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to look for in 2021 and authored the book The Creativity Gene, and she’s with us on THRIVE today to spill the beans on creative success – what it takes, what it looks like, and HOW to make it happen. We talk about actionable intention-setting, embracing vulnerability in the creative process, ways to spark your creativity if you’re ever feeling less-than-inspired, as well as breaking down her 5 discovered characteristics that directly contribute to creative success – and they might not be what you think.

4.) Making Shift Happen: Creating your Identity to Achieve Literally Anything in Life – with Anthony Trucks – Today’s the day to cut the crap, eliminate excuses, and get ready to Make Shift Happen. Serial entrepreneur, speaker and bestselling author Anthony Trucks is living proof of the reality that we can CREATE our own identities with intention to achieve literally ANYTHING we want in life – so long as we’re willing to stick it out through the painful parts along the way. As a foster kid turned NFL athlete with 30+ traumatic life events in between, Anthony was constantly shifting his own identity – shifting internally to elevate externally, and to in turn change his life for the better. In today’s episode, he’s dropping practical tips and step-by-steps for making that your own reality too, so that no matter what hand you’ve been dealt, you feel empowered to step up, accept change, and make shift happen.


Top sellers are pulled from my analytics data, where I can see what YOU guys shopped + clicked the most all month long! No worries – it doesn’t tell me what all was in someone’s cart, or who bought what? But it’s helpful for me to see what’s most popular with the CURowd, and hopefully helpful/fun for YOU to see what fellow readers are shopping, too!

1.) Floral jumpsuit – This jumpsuit takes the cake – and I’m so stoked that those of you who grabbed one so far are also in lovelovelove! It’s easy, breezy, beautiful for running around and dresses up or down so easily. It’s so lightweight and comfortable and on sale now! As seen on the blog last week here!

2.) UGG slipper lookalikes – Aaaaaand again with the UGG dupes! They’re such fabulous $20 slippers that look like the $85 UGGs, but in my humble opinion, are softer, warmer, cozier, AND stay on your foot better. #BlessUp.

3.) Yogalicious leggings – Another great look-for-less – these rival my Lululemon Aligns, but are only $25 instead of $98!

4.) Smiley slippers – They just make my happy. Point blank period. As seen in Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove!

5.) Golden Goose sneakers – I’m a sneaker head – and these are obviously a splurge, but I wear mine constantly! Also blogged the best Golden Goose dupes though, for the look for less!

6.) Bridgerton mug – Lady Whistledown would approve. 😉 

7.) Dr. Scholl’s booties – These were my MOST-worn booties the past two falls – and now they’re HALF OFF!!! SO comfy. 100% recommend.

8.) Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink crayon – One of my favorite drugstore lippies – it’s a great formula that lasts and is SO easy to apply. “Trust your Gut” is my favorite dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk!

9.) Gold ear cuffs – A favorite Amazon purchase that I wear nearly every single day – these are the cuffs I always have on in my Stories!

10.) Gucci belt look for less – A great alternative for the designer look for less.


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