My Easy, Everyday 5-Minute NO MAKEUP Look

In summertime especially, ain’t nobody got time for a full face of makeup. I mean, do Instagram models sweat? Is that a thing? Because I, for one, sweat. (Albeit, I’m no Instagram model – ha!). And I also like to play in the sun/sand/surf, and last time I checked, saltwater and chlorine and sweat just don’t blend well with a glammed up face. 😉 On days when I’m not shooting photography for the blog or in Zoom meetings back-to-back, I like to go lighter on makeup to let my skin breathe and save a few minutes in the morning. Instead of going TOTALLY makeup-free (although I do aim to be totally makeup-free at LEAST once or twice a week to focus solely on more intensive skincare!), I have a handful of go-to products to achieve a super natural, easy everyday look. It’s my easy, everyday no-makeup look, where I really do focus on products that aren’t just covering things, but helping things via good skincare ingredients. Goal is an easy, pretty glow that leaves me feeling confident and kinda sorta put together. 🙂

So, sharing my favorites for a 5-minute no makeup look below!

  • WHIPS with SPF This is, of course, the last step in my morning skincare routine. But it bears repeating here since Olay Whips also works as a makeup primer, AND it’s got SPF 40 inside which is so so good, yo. You know I’ve been using Whips dedicatedly since about 2017. And given how many different products I have on hand to test at any given moment, to find one specific brand and stick with it nearly every single day for 3+ YEARS – that says something. Definitely my favorite drugstore moisturizer that I’ve tried so far and a must in ANY no makeup look!
  • ANTI-REDNESS NEUTRALIZEROne of my biggest “pet peeves” of my skin at this point in my life is redness. I’ve luckily seemed to outgrow my acne age and super slick oily face phase. But now, the battle is redness. I mix an anti-redness neutralizer into my skincare routine both morning and night, especially if it’s a no makeup day sans concealer. This one is what I’m currently using + loveloveloving; it’s a splurge, I know. BUT, it works. It’s specifically formulated to work against some environmental triggers that we face every single day to help lessen blotchiness and redness.
  • FACE FILTER PRIMERA holy grail in my makeup collection, as seen in many a Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove (here, too!). It’s a buildable formula that blurs your pores while adding a slight glowy tint to your skin – perfect for summer. Great ingredients inside, too, like probiotics + superfoods for hydration. Can wear by itself (like I often do on “no makeup” days!) or layer under makeup as an actual primer, since that is what it’s made for, technically speaking! I STRONGLY recommend getting the Supersized version instead of the original size; you’ll get way more product while saving SO MUCH MONEY. The original size of Tula Face Filter is normally $34 for a 1 ounce tube. This supersized version is $54 for two ounces (so, already a better price for double the product, since it’s $54 instead of $68), and my discount code (COMINGUPROSES) can bring it down to $45.90. AND that gets free shipping, too. No brainer deal!
  • ROSE EYE BALMOf all of Tula’s eye balms, this one is my personal favorite! (As also seen in Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove before!). It’s a cooling, brightening, AND anti-aging power stick that you apply to your under-eye for an instant pickmeup. Literally PERFECT for those tired days, for new mamas, you name it. It’s got probiotics + superfood ingredients inside as do many Tula products, but it’s also got rosehip oil and rosewater, which are plant-based alternatives to retinol (aka, anti-aging!!!). Also has caffeine for that cooling pickmeup on tired eyes, as well as aloe, blueberry, and hyaluronic acid for ongoing hydration. No alcohol, parabens, phalates, mineral oil, silicone, sulfates, etc, and Tula is cruelty-free, too! (Code COMINGUPROSES for 15% off here, too!)
  • BUTTER HIGHLIGHT I’ve been a Butter Highlight diehard for YEARS – they’re consistently a highlight I reach for, even over more “luxurious” options from Sephora or Nordstrom. It’s just a great creamy highlight that goes on smoothly + lasts all day with a gorgeous glow! I lovelovelove the shade Pearl when paired with my Tula rose eye balm especially, because the shades are similar enough that they blend together beautifully and just create this flawless, seamless, irridescent inside-out glow.
  • LIP GLOSS or LIP MASKA quick swipe of gloss can go a long way! But for a solid #TreatYoSelf of the week, grab one of these and thank me later. 😉 For years I struggled with dry lips, especially if I was wearing a ton of really pigmented lip colors or more drying liquid lipsticks during the week. I bought every lip mask, overnight treatment, and its mother in the hopes of finding something that wasn’t just an emollient, but a true healer and hydrator for the long haul. Enter, this lip mask. I wear it overnight, yes. But you can also wear during the day for a little shine + LOTS of hydration! It may look like a splurge for a lip product at first glance, but a little bit goes a loooooong way, and you’ll have a tub for AWHILE and 100% get your money’s worth and then some!
  • MASCARAFirst thing’s first, I ALWAYS curl my lashes before applying mascara. Like, I cannot NOT do this step. Every single day, I curl my lashes quickly to give a little boost. It reaaaaaally makes a difference in opening up your eyes to just look + feel more awake and alert! Then even if I’m not doing any other eye makeup, I’ll always prime my lashes + add mascara. It just makes everything feel more awake, which I lovelovelove every day! This is my latest love in the mascara department – it’s not even 5 bucks on Amazon and just works SO WELL in adding length + volume.

Would you try my no makeup look?

Do you have any must-have products or brands in your own everyday no makeup look? If so, let me know in a comment below!