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HO HO HO + Happy Thursday…how the heck was your Christmas?!? I hope you had the *best* time with family + friends. If you follow along on Instagram, you already know that Olivia was unfortuantely not home for Christmas – but we made the best of it by spending Christmas Eve with her, sleeping overnight at the hospital, and waking up there on Christmas morning to be all together as our little family. V nice + v necessary, and definitely took some sting off of this being the longest, most arduous + torturous waiting game on the planet at this point. For the past few days, I ended up taking some time “off” to unplug as much as possible and be present in the moments – always a worthwhile practice to unwind + recharge before hitting the new year. But now, it feels like forever since we’ve chatted, and I miss you guys majorly!!!


Throwin’ it back today to all of 2018, as we gear up to hit 2019 full force in less than a week holy moly what. Last year’s Best of Coming Up Roses post was so fun to put together + scroll through for me (and hopefully for you, too????), as a way to see what all went down around these rosy parts. So I’m stoked to share the best of 2018 today! What post was your favorite? And what do you want to see more of in 2019??? PLEASEpleaseplease let me know in a comment below, or by shooting me an email or DM. I absolutely lovelovelove hearing from YOU (you’re 100% why I do what I do), so I take every single thing into account + try to craft my entire editorial calendar accordingly. SO. Let your voice be heard. 😉 LET’S DO THIS.

Disney Diaries – Where Dreams Come True

How I Avoid Burnout – Signs, Causes, + How to Battle Burnout Before it Begins

The Best Designer Dupes on Amazon

“Enlarge your Territory”

My Totally Backwards Way to Get More Done

10 Life Lessons I Learned from my Dad

48 Hours in New Orleans – What to Eat, See, & Do!

Brain Dumping 101 – What, When, Why, & How I Brain Dump Effectively

24 Personal Goals for my 24th Birthday


I put bee venom on my face. Here’s what happened.

The Best Jeans Under $100

Coming Up Thorns

How to be an Influencer – My Journey to Becoming a Blogger

Hit the Goal, Get the Gucci: Goal Setting Tips for Big Goals with Big Rewards!

What next? What now? And what’s her name? (BIRTH STORY Part 2)

My Favorite “Healthy” Junk Food

12 Ways to Become a More Outgoing Person

12 Tools to Triple your Productivity

NEW SERIES: Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove – Monthly Favorites

Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove - November, 2018 on Coming Up Roses

NEW SERIES: Weekend Reading

How to Layer in Winter Without Looking Bulky

“It Gets Better”

The Best Amazon Purchases of 2018 Thus Far

Love is Personal – Treat Yo’self with LAGOS

21 Books to Cozy Up with this Winter (My 2018 Reading List!)

Trust in God.

10 Beauty New Years Resolutions to Make Right Now

35 Ways to be a Better Version of Yourself This Year

The 8.33% Rule – Dealing with the Judas in our Lives

20 Life Lessons I Learned from my Nana

How to Make Friends as an Adult and find True Community

“I Will Carry On”

Becoming Mentally Tough – Tips to Develop Mental Toughness

I Can See Clearly Now…

Mastering your Big Girl Budget (Part 1: The Short Term)

Mastering your Big Girl Budget (Part 2: The Long Term)

My Go-To Snack/Drink Pairing for Extra Energy

What no one tells you before getting pregnant…

“Great Things Take Time”

A Week’s Worth of Ways to Wear your Favorite Graphic Tee

How to Dreamline your Life

“Reset, Refocus, Restart”

7 Great Setting Sprays for Summertime Skin

All About my First Trimester

The Search for the Best White T-Shirt (Hint: I FOUND IT)

From the CURowd: Easy Recipes for your Week

“Slay Your Goliath”

Our Couples’ Getaway at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa

The Secret’s Out…

5 Easy Pierogy Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less

Your Guide to Shower Season: What to Wear to Bridal Showers + Baby Showers

My Everyday Makeup Routine (+ VIDEO!)

“Create your Own Joy”

Happy Birthday, Coming Up Roses! Cheers to 5 Years…

15 Ways to Add More Peace of Mind to your Everyday Life

50 Thoughts you have while shopping online…

1 Thing, 3 Ways: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

#AskE + J: Our Wedding Anniversary Couple’s Q&A

20 Sephora Must-Haves Under $25

Summer Workwear Capsule Wardrobe + LOOKBOOK

“Unbalance the Scale”


I Wore Crest Whitestrips for 14 Days. Here’s what happened.

From the CURowd: 50+ Creative Fall Date Ideas

15 Ways to be More Productive on the Go

My Honest Thoughts on New York Fashion Week…

Leather Leggings LOOKBOOK: 6 Ways to Style Leather Leggings

15 Fall Amazon Fashion Finds Under $40

1 Thing, 3 Ways: Plaid Shirt

“Wherever you Go, There you are”

Here’s the actually *correct* order to apply your skincare products:

GIFT GUIDE: Vera Bradley for Every Woman on your List

GIFT GUIDE: A Vera Bradley Christmas - Vera Bradley gifts for every lady on your list! on Coming Up Roses

From almost dying to giving birth (LITERALLY).

Easy Comfort Food + PLAYLIST for a Cozy Date Night In

Trend to Try: $25 Plaid Blazer

Two Easy, Effortless Holiday Hairstyles with Goody

70 Last-Minute Gifts from Amazon Prime

A Natural Holiday Makeup Look – with a new drugstore launch!


What was your favorite post from Coming Up Roses this year?

And what do you want to see more of in the year to come?

Lastly, THANKYOUSOMUCH for being a part of the CURowd. I don’t say it enough + I’m sure I’ll say it again 32 times before the year’s end, but you guys are the best. Endless lovelovelove to/for you.

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